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Working Hard

Your StoryFeed works hard for you and collects pieces of content from across the web. It shows them in context in a beautiful feed. Here’s what it enables you to do.

Keep your ear to the ground.

Easily keep track of what people are sharing online about your brand. Presented in a beautiful feed, tailored to your brand.

Find out who the key influencers are and reach out to them.

Keep your ear to the ground.

Easily curate your feed & engage your audience.

Easily manage your StoryFeed with custom filters and rules or manually remove the content you don’t want shown.

Curate it by pinning posts or marking them as Editor’s picks.

Host and promote challenges to boost engagement and increase your reach.

Curate Engage

Put your story on display for everyone to see.

Integrated in your website, at your office, event, or even in your coffee shop. Put it on display wherever works best for your needs.

By displaying your feed you put your brand story front and center. Because it’s crafted with the help of genuine customer-generated content it promotes engagement and builds brand allegiance.

Put your story on display for everyone to see.

Convert customers into fans.

Put fragments of social media content in context and craft authentic, engaging stories.

Create emotional connections to your brand by participating in your stream and sharing engaging stories of your own.

Make your customers your fans and let them promote your brand.

Save Money

Having your StoryFeed also saves you money.

It’s cheaper than having a dedicated community manager. Though you can still hire one to curate your feed and engage with your audience for you if you want to kick it up another notch.

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Edgar Loves Levent

StoryFeed at work

Lent is the largest outdoor festival in Slovenia and one of the largest in Europe.

The Edgar Logo StoryFeed was used to boost engagement and engage with visitors before, during and after the festival. To leverage their activity and invite them to participate in creating a new chapter in the Lent Festival story.

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