Buy Yalai 4HP16 ZF4HP16 Transmission Solenoid Kit(6PCS): Shift Kits – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. ZF 4HP16 AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE. The ZF 4 HP 16 is a four-speed automatic transaxle designed for cars with front-wheel drive and a transversely mounted. ACRevision 03/ ZF 4HP16 (Daewoo, Chevrolet, Suzuki). 4 SPEED FWD (Electronic Control). Page 2. AC. ZF 4HP16 (Daewoo, Chevrolet, Suzuki).

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Based on this input information, the TCM controls various transaxle output functions and devices. The ZF 4HP 16 automatic transaxle is equipped with a one sun gear, 4 planetary gears, planetary carrier, ring gear.

ZF 4HP16 transmission – Wikipedia

The shift solenoids are two identical, normally open electronic exhaust valve that control upshifts and down-shifts in all forward gear ranges.

However, overlap shifting necessitates high-performance hardware and software, and precision engine signals.

The oil pressure passes from the turbine chamber to the lock-up clutch piston and presses it against the converter’s cover. These shift solenoids works together in a combination of ON and OFF sequences to control the line pressure and shift mechanisms clutches, brakes. Input Speed Sensor. The temperature sensor is located in valve body.

As the piston B is driven by the turbine shaft, an AC signal induced in the input speed sensor. The electronic-hydraulic control makes controlled power shifts and various shift programs possible. The EDS require a constant input pressure. The purpose of the shift elements is to perform shifts under load without the tractive flow being interrupted. The dynamic pressure at clutches B and E is equal; i.


The ZF 4HP 16 automatic transaxle consists primarily of the following components.

This ensures that the engine’s rotating vibration is not phased on to the transaxle. Selector Lever Line L4. The converter lock-up clutch is engaged and released in a controlled manner. An air gap of 0.

Oil pump,automatic transmission ZF 4HP16 04-up

The transaxle has a hydrodynamic torque converter with a controlled slip lock-up clutch. Bent pins can occur. Input Speed Sensor Ground. The parking lock pawl in the parking lock gear, which is welded onto the lateral shaft of the transaxle. The pump sucks the fluid through a filter and delivers it to the main pressure regulator valve of the control system.

Oil pump,automatic transmission ZF 4HP16 up

This information is also uses to calculate the appropriate operating gear ratios and LOC slippage. However, there is simultaneously a static pressure, which causes the clutch to engage. The transaxle control module TCM is an electronic device which monitors inputs to control various transaxle functions including shift quality and transaxle sensors, switches, and components to process for use within its’ control program.

If the static pressure is relieved, the cup spring is able to force the piston back into its original position. Calculated 4hhp16 is a factor to determine at the shift time and shift delay time. When the oil pressure drops, the cup spring acting on the piston presses the piston back into its initial position.

The TCM 4h16 numerous inputs to determine the appropriate solenoid state combination and transaxle gear for the vehicle operating conditions. The output speed sensor mounts in the case at the speed sensor rotor, which is pressed onto the spur gear.

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It is possible to sue smaller solenoid valves as a result. H4p16 sensor consists of a permanent magnet surround by a coil of wire. The greater the difference is speed between the pump and turbine, the greater the torque multiplication; it is at its highest when the turbine is at a standstill. The integral constant ratio can be adapted to the engine’s power output and the vehicle’s weight.

The direction of flow is through the turbine shaft and through the space behind the piston, to the turbine chamber. The selector lever position is transmitted to the TCM in encoded form along 4yp16 lines. On the 4HP 16, 4np16 power flow is directed into the planetary gear set via rear planet carrier or rear sun gear, or via both simultaneously, depending on the gear in question.

To reinstall the external wiring connector, first orient the pins by lining up arrows on each half of the connector.

During the controlled phase, a slight speed difference between the impeller and turbine wheel is 4hp1. The fluid pump is located between the torque converter and the transaxle case and is driven directly by the torque converter.