Keeping with the hallmark of the text, Riasanovsky and Steinberg examine all aspects of Russia’s history–political, international, military, economic, social, and . A History of Russia has ratings and 52 reviews. WarpDrive said: RUSSIA Russia. A complex and fascinating history, a rich culture with many a contr. Widely acclaimed as the best one-volume survey text available, A History of Russia presents the whole span of Russia’s history, from the origins of the Kievan .

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Nistory though it was around pages, I remember clearly both my husband and me reading easily and quickly through it and discussing it at length.

I managed to read the ENTIRE thing throughout the course of a Awesome overview of Russia from its humble beginnings to the madhouse it became during the post-Soviet era.

The Soviet Union and the World, I loved this book the 4th edition when I was in college. It’s well indexed and comes with useful appendixes for references, e. And now I know that there is an 11th edition, which I want to get.

Nicholas V. Riasanovsky

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I’ve recently read biographies of Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great and The Romanovs as a monarchy, and while Riasanovsky’s book is thorough in covering all periods, it makes light work and barely mentions, obliquely it seems the extent of the tortures and other violent episodes of the time of Ivan and Peter, at least.

About the Author s Nicholas V. This is an academic survey and has all the vices and virtues of the genre. Lists with This Book.

With all the recent activity in Ukraine and Crimea,the history of Russia deserves another opportunity to be read it again. A good source for quick facts and a general scope on Russia, but not that great for a close look at any particular ruler. Once I jumped in, I looked forward to reading it every day. Steinberg Snippet view – Un ottimo compendio che fa ben comprendere sopratutto quanto sia complesso e diverso quel pezzo di mondo.

A History of Russia

Then with a joy unshared save by the vagrant, I see the threshing floor well filled and fragrant, The sloping straw-thatched cottage hietory again, The window panels carved, of varied stain. One version is the “complete” version, and the other version is the book is in two volumes Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Interessante, dovrei rileggerlo alla luce di tanti libri letti poi su singoli aspetti.


Unlike many of the books I read riasqnovsky school, I frequently turn to this one to clarify a fact or refresh my memory of the general picture of Russia at a given point in its history.

A History of Russia by Nicholas V. It also introduces the key historical approaches and explains the issues surrounding certain sources. On the penultimate page p. It gives you a taste of the average Russian’s life and spirit through its history. Nicholas Valentine Riasanovsky December 21, — May 14, [1] was a professor at the University of California, Berkeley and the author of numerous books on Russian history and European intellectual history.

A History of Russia – Nicholas Riasanovsky, Mark Steinberg – Oxford University Press

This The version of this book that I wrote was published in the early s, so I am hoping that later versions of the book have improved. Written by one of the pre-eminent scholars in the field, it can serve as a textbook introducing students to major topics, a reference for those looking for summaries and overviews of key themes and developments, or simply an informative work for those wanting a decent introduction to the history of this fascinating and complex land.

From to Riasanovsky taught at the University of Iowa. I absolutely loved my history of Russia class, and this was certainly the better of the two required textbooks. For sentimental reasons, I guess. Aug 19, Buddy Don rated it it was amazing Shelves: Further, there is an extensive list of reading material provided at the end of the text for those w Clear and presented in a manner which I didn’t think was terribly dry warning: Copre bene tutti i passaggi storici, con approfondimento sulla cultura, arte, religione ecc Ordinary Life in Extraordinary Times: The author explores each period of time with different categories as: Mongolia in the 20th Century: The only issue is that this book should have probably given more weight and focus on the first periods of Russian history, rather than to the Soviet and post-Soviet periods, but I guess that this is a question of personal interests rather than an objective shortcoming of the book and in any case there is only so much information you can pack into a single book with such a huge scope.

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A History of Russia – Nicholas Valentine Riasanovsky – Google Books

New to this Edition Every chapter has been extensively revised to reflect new scholarship on all periods, many with new chapter titles that reflect these changes Updated coverage of Russian history in the era of Putin The text has been streamlined to allow for a smoother narrative flow and sharper focus on ruzsia historical developments Five new photos and a new two-page map feature on the shifting borders of Ukraine. Riasanovsky’s profound analysis seems to be stulted considerably when he discusses the Soviet Union.

The Time of Troubles And yet I love it! I guess the author wanted to cover every aspect of Russian life. This has gotten me through my Russian history course.

The Aral sea disaster is a troubling example: Oxford University Press- History – pages.

The New Negro Jeffrey C. If Stalinism represented deep winter, the entire period since the death of the supreme dictator might be designated as the thaw. Without being at the same time too neutral to be indifferent, it gives an understanding of the debates surrounding Russian historiography. Extensively revised and with a more streamlined organization, A History of RussiaNinth Edition, includes recent developments in Ukraine and Russia’s near abroad in the Putin era.

Jun 30, Ariana rated it liked it Shelves: The version of this book that I wrote was published in the early s, so I am hoping that later versions of the book have improved.

Riasanovsky does not force his opinions on the reader, nor does he make any unfounded claims. Apr 04, Michael Linton rated it it was ok.

Lungo da leggere, complesso e pieno di informazioni concentrate. The book narrative is easy and difficult in some parts,but the author explains every major aspect in detail.