Browse through the best and largest collection of latest akpos jokes and funny stories by akpos the comedian guaranteed to keep you laughing all day long. Funny Akpos Jokes, Accra, Ghana. 42K likes. The largest collection of Akpos Jokes on the web. 16 Aug Akpos Jokes: Akpos Goes to School. He is in the news again. This time, he has enrolled for adult education. so he can learn this English.

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A teacher was explaining letter writing jokez her students she told them to write a letter to someone for classwork.

All Jokes Not worth it. The husband told her to invite jomes boy so dat he can beat the hell out of him. The first step was to go deep into the forest and get ten pieces of the same kind of fruits. Suddenly, a bush moved, and he saw a lion running toward him.

Akpos was in a taxi with a man who was trying to outsmart him. Latest Jokes Not worth it. People will think i don’t change my panties. He seems to be one of the most loved Nigerian characters who entertain and make people around him laugh at troubles when ak;os get in the same situation.

The three men went their separate ways to gather fruits. Wife sends a text message to her husband on a really cold winter morning: And the congregation cried,”Amen! Log in Sign Up. I am writing to myself Teacher: Akpos is typing his password on a computer.



My wife went out leaving our new born baby in the hands of our pretty maid. The king of the cannibals told the prisoners that they could live if they pass a trial. Do you really think you are qualified to talk about nuclear power stations when you don’t know anything about shit?

Akpos is in the cinema with his friends. When People say they can’t see anything good in you A friend sees it and asks him with genuine interest.

Then walk zig zag to avoid stray bullet. You see, I have to catch the 4: In his hand was the photo, in it there was a man smiling at the top of the tree. It was Joles Eve.

In the end aresnal lost his friend called him to ask for his money. Read this story for FREE! About Akpos Jokes Akpos Jokes is an online entertainment site targeting a core audience of people ages Yesterday afternoon, I tried to jokrs if Yes, good thing I am a smartphone with room for two SIM cards. The Egyptian man says, “No, not worth it.

When he arrives at the first house, the whole family comes out, congratulates him I don’t know why we lost although all that matters is that we played for the spirit.


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If you were akpos what would you do? The Igbo man arrived and showed the king jokds berries. Remember an old antique store downtown you took me to last week?

Do you know that eating chocolate could damage your teeth. LOTTERY Akpos won a lottery of 10 million dollars, after claiming the money, he buried it at the foot of a tree, and took a picture of the tree. Do you know that eating chocolate could damage your teeth Akpos: Put my feet up.

Look right nd left for cars and bikes, look up for aeroplane, down for bomb, back for kidnappers, look side, hold your bag tight and watch the person beside you. Akpos just finished withdrawing money from his account a man saw him and said. The Egyptian man says, “No, not worth it. I saw the questions yesterday.

Akpos who are you writing to? Students are taking notes, while a teacher himself falls asleep on his table. So, if had a rough day, go through these jokes! Akpos in his mind: