These bonuses pay you for doing two things: gathering Customers and helping others do the same thing. Jump Start Bonuses. *4 Customers in Texas. 5 Sep Ambit Energy now has a seventh level on the residual compensation plan! This is no small change my Ambit friends. Having an additional level. 11 Jul Ambit Energy’s Compensation Plan pays seven levels deep along with bonuses and residuals. Residuals are based upon both the number of.

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This is another myth we see in several network marketing presentations. While this might sound well and good, we see it as an early warning signal. At 4 pages, the Ambit compensation plan does it’s best to avoid going into too much detail.

In other words you do all plzn work and get The marketing consultant fees can vary from state to state. If you are looking for a new business opportunity, then take your time to examine all your options. The second difference is that it’s paid on all customers in your Ambit organization, not just those signed up by new ‘marketing consultants’.

An Epic Ambit Energy Review From A Network Marketing Professional

Given that MLM is essential commission based sales, we believe that the author might have earned more than his upline. This well defined path to advancement would be appealing to most. As a very early participant of the compebsation group at Excel Communications, he compensatipn part in the growth of Excel’s payment plan which drew in over 1 million independent reps.

The monthly residuals you can earn on customer power bills is shown below: These are important keys to the success of the franchise. Ambit Energy’s Compensation Plan pays seven levels deep along with bonuses and residuals.

To help us better understand the opportunity, we also read through all 4 pages of the Ambit Energy Compensation Plan. In compenssation most of them will disappear and only the few super successful ones will remain. Also realize that there are tables similar to the one above for each state.


Then the location will have to be approved.

We’ve heard that claim several times, but the opportunities always end up looking like just another MLM. You can get yourself promoted. The presentation introduces it as a ‘life-changing opportunity’. If you ask us, it’s Red Flag 4 – Most of the Rewards go to your upline.


In case we’ve been too subtle, we’d just like to point out that we believe you can’t make money with Ambit Energy. Ambit Energy also uses a Jump Start bonus fast startas seen here: They also have certain restrictions on advertising to promote the opportunity itself: Here is a cropped image from section 4.

The ‘unlimited levels’ of leadership income would sound good to anyone. The payouts are determined by the energy usage from each acquired customer. In true network marketing tradition, it’s quite possible that the business opportunity was presented to you and a collection of other prospective new recruits.

What we’re not paying attention to, is the fact that for every successful business there were a few that failed, and no longer exist because they went bankrupt. We’ll go through some of the problems we see in the ambit compensation plan below: These sections were cut and paste directly from their current set of policies and procedures.

It should also be noted that a sales consultant does not pass on bonuses up the line for good performance or customer acquisition, so a fully blown Ambit distributor does not see much in terms of bonuses for the efforts of a sales consultant.

Next the business presentations moved on to the compensation plan.

We’ll go through some of the problems we see in the ambit compensation plan below:. We will go through them as we explain the ways to earn below:. This is shown in the image below:. That means that they get energy from an energy manufacturer wholesale as well as supply it to consumers at retail rates. This is very similar to the team builder bonus except you can earn it whenever any consultant in your organization earns a Jump Start 1 bonus. Several years after deregulation of telecoms, there are some players who have become Multi-Billion dollar companies.


Another potential con is the fact that Ambit Energy operates in the services industry, and although you can look at this in terms of either good or bad, the fact is that service based companies can only compete on price alone. They are a US based provided of natural gas and electricity. Here’s a copy of a slide you might see while being told how simple this business is: As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Pros In many of the states it operates, Ambit does provide savings to its consumers over its energy alternatives.

Each distributor may also sell their business or will it to their heirs, thus the business holds the benefits of a legacy business. In the Ambit business presentation, they see it as a path to long term financial freedom.

Also, be sure to read their policies and procedures and decide whether or not you want the internet to be a viable part of your marketing strategy. Understand that these policies are not the end-all be-all to whether or not you can succeed in your business.

Inreported earnings were around 1. If you go into a McDonald’s and order a meal, does the teenager with the ‘trainee’ badge try to convince you to start your own McDonald’s franchise? They also promote it as a simple system. Ambit even claim that ‘ You will only get ahead if someone compensatoin you dies or quits’.

They found that your chances of success are extremely small. At the end of the day all they are doing is adding you as a user to their existing system. We want to find out compebsation this is a great way to compesnation money, or just another MLM.

But it’s important to know what you can and can not cmpensation since it is up to you to determine HOW you want to run your business.