1 Apr This recommended practice covers recommended maintenance welding practices that may be used when repairing or installing. Find the most up-to-date version of API RP at Engineering Please discribe the difference between API AND API Title: ( Withdrawn) Pipeline Maintenance Welding Practices RP is now.

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Before testing, test specimens are to be air cooled to ambient temperature. Suggested revisions are invited and shouldbe submitted to the director the Transportaof tion Department, American Petroleum Institute, L Street, N. Figure Maximum Distribution of Gas Pockets: Gases shall be field innot termixed in their containers,and gases of questionable purity and those in containers which show signs of damage shall not be used.

A strict requirement is that no concession The are shown in Gp 13 through A change in speedabove or zpi the range established in theprocedure specification.

Weather conditions that would cause impairment include, but are not limited to, airborne moisture, blowing sands, and high winds. Welding procedure and type of electrodes. The welds shall meet the standards provided in Section 6 of this recommended practice.

API-RPProcedure-for-Welding-or-Hot-Tapping-on-Equipment-in-Service digital_图文_百度文库

Show whether the direction is uphill or downhill. Hinkel Pipe Manufacturers Walter F.

RP Pipeline Maintenance Documents. A change appi the direction of welding from vertical up to vertical down or vice versa. If the specimen breaks outside of the weld and fusion zone Notes: A change from vertical downhill to vertical uphill or vice versa.



Designatethe composition of the gas and the range of the flow rate. Pipeline Maintenance Agreement for Pipeline Crossing Benefits oflow-yieldweldfiller metalsfor safe welding on One or more nondestructive testing methods may be used in addition to visual inspection.

Identify the ranges of 110 and fp thicknesses over which the procedure applies. A change from one welding process or combination of processes to any other welding process or combination of processes. With the exception of these shallow crater cracks, no weld containing cracks, regardless of their size or location, shall be acceptable.

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117 welding on a piping system which isbeing or has been used for the compression, pumping, transmission, or distribution of crude petroleum, petroleum products, or fuel gases, welders should consider aspects that affect safety, such as operating pressure, flow conditions, and wall thick- ness at the location of the welding. Joints paralleling the axis of the carrier pipe may be fitted with a suitable tape or mild steel backup strip to prevent the weld metal from being fused apu surface of the carrier pipe.

The weld reinforcement shallbe removed from both faces flush with the surface specimen. Figure 2 shows suggested locations where test specimens should be cut from the test assembly shown in Figure l. Windshields may be used when practical. Free Download Here – pdfsdocuments2. Some additions to and modifications apl these definitions are provided in 1.


API 1107-Pipeline Maintenance Welding Practice

A nick-break-test specimen may broken by be pulling it in a tensile machine, by supporting its ends and striking its aip, or by supporting one end and striking the other end with a hammer. The welding may be done by shielded metal-arc welding, gas tungsten-arc welding, gas metal-arc welding, flux-cored arc welding, or oxyacetylene welding using a manual or semiautomatic welding technique or a combination of the techniques. Wright Members Emeritus T.

Show the shape and size of the fillet welds.

Designate the sizes and of classification number of the filler metal and the minimum number and sequence of the beads. The welder aoi disqualified if the additional specimen also shows defects exceeding the specified limits. The size of the gas pocketsis not drawn to scale; for the proper dimensions, see 6.

For this group, each grade shall require a separate qualification test.