The Baneblade is the primary super-heavy tank of the Astra Militarum, and one of the largest and oldest armoured fighting vehicles in the service of the Imperial. Find great deals on eBay for Baneblade in Warhammer Imperial Guard Games. Shop with confidence. A Warhammer 40, novel. The crew of the Baneblade Mars Triumphant wage bitter war against the orks for the fate of the Kalidar system – but old rivalries.

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Debates rage on what the difference and advantage between the two and which pattern is better. Despite obviously having a big gun on the lower hull, there was no representation of it in the banblade rules.

The underground detonation creates a powerful shockwave much larger than the shell’s explosion, which will impede the progress of any unit caught within it. Many crews believe this represents the tank sharing its breath with those it has deemed worthy. It is also one of the oldest STC designs in existence.

Retrieved from ” http: To the untrained eye the differences between the vehicles appeared superficial, but the Tech-Priests of Mars preached otherwise, furthering that many schisms that had developed between the various Forge Worlds throughout the final decades of the Great Crusade. Only it’s better because instead of a winged Daemon cow or a big flaming homosexual in a loincloth, it’s a fucking giant tank.

And thanks to 9 attacks at S9 AP-2 DD3 it can deal a surprising amount of damage in close combat, but don’t send it into a fight against things like Terminators unless you use the “Crush Them! A Baneblade firing its Mega Battle Cannon.

Baneblade: 40K | eBay

The Doomhammer is a tank-killer. Then again, the “big” tanks in Epic were closer to moving, gun-mounting cathedrals.

The standard Baneblade complement includes a turret-mounted Mega Battle Cannonalso known as the Baneblade Cannonwhich includes a coaxial Autocannonthree baneblzde of twin-linked Heavy Bolters one sponson-mounted set on either side, and one turret-mounted baneblad the front hull slopetwo turret-mounted Lascannons on either side, mounted directly above the side sponsons, and lastly, a fixed-forward hull-mounted Demolisher Cannon. The fluff reason is because the missiles had a tendency to self detonate when exposed to enemy fire, resulting in several tanks being destroyed by their own missiles.

A tank as big as a house with massive guns is cool, so Regardless of its provenance, the Baneblade was a stately iron beast, its iconic turret-mounted Baneblade cannon the bane of countless foes over the years. The Baneblade then became available as a plastic kit from GW itself, along with a six-option kit for the fixed-hull variants. The Banesword’s armoured mass and secondary armament of baneblwde sets of twin-linked Heavy Bolters and two Lascannons allow it to perform much more efficiently than a battery of Basilisks when fielded in this way.


While the Heavy Flamers can deal more damage they are hamped by their range and damage output, and work best on those variants who already need to be close to the enemy to use effectively. Autocannon2 Lascannons6 Heavy Bolters. The Baneblade ranks amongst the most recognisable super-heavy tank of the Great Crusadeproduced in the tens of thousands for service with the Excertus Imperialis all across the ever-expanding Imperium.

But when you look at the firepower you know you’ve got the good stuff. This version was armed with a baneblae Battle Cannon with the same stats as the one on the Leman Russ Battle Tankdespite the turret being the size of a Leman Russtwo Lascannons, and a bunch of dice worth of “Bolters” to deal with swarms. Ganeblade, in an uncharacteristically grown-up move, the Mechanicum actually capitulated on the matter and started making Stormswords themselves, upgrading the “Hellhammer Cannons” with dedicated “Stormsword Cannons” which have much the same range and effect, but a bigger blast radius.

On the upside, if you’re playing space marines, you get to watch the Emperor’s Fury running around a jungle path being chased by a giant tank Benny Hill music optional, but encouraged.

It is literally the best of these master units in the game, and it will go toe-to-toe with any other such unit and kill them before they kill it. It is still not known whether Pert uses this as his personal car so he can run over and crush any pedestrian vehicle that pissed him off lately. A reinforced mount allows the Baneblade to advance while firing the Demolisher.

Scratch-built Baneblade models with homebrew read: It is a really pimped out variant that boasts additional armour plating on all sides in fluff, no effect on the tabletopextended command and control functions where it has the “Command Tank” upgrade, which doesn’t apply to anything in 30kunless you assume it takes the 30k “Super-Heavy Command Tank” upgrade which allows allied infantry within 24″ to reroll Morale checksa model transport capacity with added rear access point, an even more enhanced Volcano Cannon again, nothing changes in crunch and a Titan grade Void Shield.


With a D-strength Volcano Cannon. As you can see in the third picture, ganeblade Main turret, the two lascannon turrets, baneblave the central twin heavy bolter turret are removable and can rotate when installed. A Baneblade is a massive war machine, requiring a crew of ten individuals to function properly. Also, it’s size means it can have difficulty maneuvering on certain maps DoW II maps tend to not have as much open space as the original’s.

It uses the Hellhammer Cannonwhich is shorter, but no less deadly than the Baneblade Cannon, and strikes harder but on a smaller area, giving exactly zero fucks about the cover in between. Retribution, as the Imperial Guard’s super heavy unit and one of the superunits, a title it shares with the Swarmlordthe Great Unclean Onethe Avatar of Khaine once more notably, the Avatar along with the Baneblade are the only returning superunits from the first Dawn of War seriesthe Battlewagonand the Land Raider Redeemer which is a different variant from the one in Dawn of War.


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Like powerplants found in the Leman Russ or Chimera vehicles it is capable of running on any type of fuel. Seriously, try and do a parallel parking with this monster when trying to aim at some scrubs hiding behind a concrete wall. With a modest 5″ blast but stats befitting a tank hunter, the Magma Cannon can reduce all but the largest of titans to scrap. These massive machines often serve as the command vehicles for entire bansblade or spearhead armoured bwneblade, organized into their own super-heavy companies.

The modern Baneblade mounts what’s known as a ” Baneblade Cannon ” representing belated recognition that the thing in the turret is really huge and so probably not a Battle Cannon with a coaxial Autocannon, the same two Lascannons it always had, two Twin-linked Heavy Bolters in each sponson and another two on the hull front, and a Demolisher Cannon where the Mysterious Not-A-Weapon was once mounted.

Such Baneblades might use normal Battle Cannon ammunition in place of special rocket-assist rounds, or have a normal Battle Cannon in place of the Demolisher.

Indeed, Imperial combat doctrine holds an honoured place for the Banesword. The lascannons draw energy directly from the powerplant, but if their shunts burn out from overuse those too must be replaced, though the cabling for these are located in the lower deck. Along the front of the tank is the command suite, a high-backed chair with multiple tac-displays in front and the three-dimensional chart display behind it.

There is also a Legion Astartes version because Forge World got tired of baneblqde additional versions of the Fellblade. What happens when banenlade get hold of the massive engine of armored destruction that is the Baneblade? Either way; the Shadowsword has a very good chance of bringing down even the biggest of titans. The Lucius Pattern Baneblade has a more heavily fortified chassis ganeblade larger amounts of armour plate and makes use of banebladd more powerful engine to remain mobile with this added weight.

This is why the very adaptable chassis of the Baneblade has been used over the millennia to create more dedicated variants, from the Shadowsword Titan -killer which forgoes almost all other weapons to sport a Volcano Cannon ; to the Stormlord line-breaker tank which gives up all anti-armour weaponry in favour of a Vulcan Mega Boltera greater number of Heavy Bolters banebldae, and the capacity to transport an entire babeblade of Imperial Guardsmen.