Get Instant Access to Statistika Ir Jos Taikymai By Vydas Cekanavicius Gediminas Murauskas. #fab09f [KINDLE PDF EBOOK EPUB]. Read Download Online. , Čekanavičius V., Murauskas G. Statistika ir jos taikymai // 1 dalis. TEV, Vilnius, Čekanavičius V., Murauskas G. Statistika ir jos taikymai // 2 dalis. Čekanavičius V., Murauskas G. Statistika ir jos taikymai // 2 dalis. TEV, Vilnius, Granquist L. Macro-editing. A review of some methods for rationalizing the .

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Lietuvos kaimiskuju regionu kaip gyvenamosios vietos patrauklumo vertinimas. Lietuvos agrarines ekonomikos institutas, European Journal of Operational Research The comparison of data on the quality of life of rural population in and revealed that the number of taikymzi poorly performing households has increased, they can hardly afford vacations or covering their incidental expenditure.


Evidence from Rural Thailand. On the other hand, the state of housing repair has improved. It highlights the aspects of their disposable income and living conditions. Email this article Login required.


Email the author Login required. Lietuvos kaimo pletros programa programa The Rural Development Programme for Lithuania joos the period User Username Password Remember me. Quality of Life of Rural Population: Access via the Internet: Typologies of Lithuanian Regions by Rurality — Vilnius: Journal of Rural Studies.

The re-search revealed that a comparison of the income indicator by the attribute of the place of residence shows no statistically significant difference among the disposable income of rural and urban population. Zalioji knyga The Green Book. However, following a comparison of the income cekanavivius by the attribute of the administrative territory it can be claimed that people who live in the counties adjacent to major cities enjoy higher incomes.

Statistics and its Application. WeD Working Paper Lietuvos regionu tipologijos kaimiskumo aspektu: Statistika ir jos taikymai. The Mann-Whitney test was used in order to ascertain whether the indicators of income and living conditions in rural and cekaanvicius areas are cekanagicius significantly different.


Zhytomyr, 1 8p. Abstract The article analyzes the quality of life among rural population of Lithuania.

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The comparison by both attributes shows that rural population face more problems related to poor housing, whereas urban residents confront the issues of heating, pollution, noise, and crime. Quality of Life Researches: Applied Research Quality Life 4, p.

The comparative analysis used the data published on the website of the Lithuanian Department of Statistics. Article Tools Print this article. How to cite item. The indicators were compared with respect of the attributes of the place of residence and the administrative territory. The Wilcoxon test compared the indicators of the quality of life in rural areas in different years.