Name, Average duration. 1, For the left hand, 2, Legato, 3, Fifths to Thirds, 4, Ornaments, 5, Melody, Title: Corigliano ETUDE FANTASY (for piano), Author: ScoresOnDemand, Name: Corigliano ETUDE FANTASY (for piano), Length: 6 pages, Page: 1, Published. Documents Similar To Corigliano – Etude Fantasy. Sciarrino-Quaderno Di Strada (Baritone & Large Ens). Uploaded by. Roberto Nieva Velasco · Gulda – Aria.

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After the initial melodic statement, the virtuoso figurations accompanying the tone row return, followed by a gradual slowing down which finally introduces the right hand, playing a quiet chromatic scale over a gently pulsing left-hand accompaniment.

Concerto for Percussionist and String Orchestra It was premiered by James Tocco on 9 October Liebeslied SATB vocal quartet and piano 4-hands The third movement interrupts a stabbing toccata in the ccorigliano C minor keys of the two pianos by bringing, for a moment, both pianists together to play on one piano.

The Red Violin music for the motion picture I had composed one previous work for two pianos, Kaleidoscopeinand couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to say in that medium.

A Black November Turkey for chorus Sonata for Violin and Piano Marvelous Invention Songbook for a New Century Jazz Band in a Parisian Cabaret.

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So I constructed the beginning and end of Fantasia on an Ostinato precisely, but I made the large central section a series of interlocking repeated patterns: The following text was automatically extracted from the image on this page using optical character recognition software:. Ghosts of Versailles reduced version.


April Total duration: The following notes from the composer are a succinct guide for the listener: The first etude is for the left hand alone — a bold, often ferocious statement which introduces both an opening six-note row the first notes of the work and a melodic germ marked “icy” in the score which follows the initial outburst.

This leads to a restatement of the opening six-note row of the Fantasy in a highly ornamented fashion. Fifths to Thirds 2: I wrote Kaleidoscope for Two Pianos during my student years as an undergraduate at Columbia University Christmas at the Cloisters for chorus and piano To do this, I used a computer technology known as MIDI sequencing, which captures both the sounds and a crude but accurate notation of what is played.

Concerto for Percussionist and String Orchestra Creations: I was improvising to the picture, and later used the shape of the improvisation changing lots of notes to form the orchestral dance in the film.

Gazebo Dances for orchestra His earlier works, always performed with great success and frequency, are now established as central works of the repertoire. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. coriglino

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A comparison of the Etude Fantasy and Fantasia nn an OstinatQ confirms the eclectic characteristics of Corigliano’s style. Here the music quotes a chorale by Bach, symbolic of our stable and traditional harmony however, while both pianists are playing at last in the same key, they are still subtly out of rhythmic phase, as one player’s quarter note equals the other’s dotted eighth.


Full quotations and fragments of the symphony are combined with newly-composed material influenced by Beethoven’s theme. Oppens has been a champion of contemporary composers and new music throughout her career. Here, I was determined to improvise piano pieces on a keyboard, and translate them as accurately as possible to the page so Ursula Oppens could perform them in concert.

John Corigliano | Etude Fantasy (for piano) ()

We fought and I quit. Etude Fantasy for piano Basic information for referencing this web page. This dissertation is part of the collection entitled: Seven Poems of Bob Dylan voice s and piano Corugliano Etude Fantasy is actually a set of five studies combined into the episodic form and character of a fantasy. So each piano would sound perfectly tuned by itself, but, for fantsy, the note G on one piano would sound at a pitch between G and F sharp on the other, creating eerie effects and dissonances when the instruments were played together.

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Etude Fantasy For piano ——————————————————————————————————————————————————— First performed October 9,by James Tocco, piano, at the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC ——————————————————————————————————————————————————— Listen to a sound clip order music from www. Even then, certain changes had to be made, mostly due to my poor piano playing.

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