Eldar Psyker Good guy Games Workshop is giving us access to free rules for the Craftworlds Bonesinger miniature. Come take a look at latest. Currently, the Battle Brothers rule states that the AELDARI and Ynnari Faction tags are The Path of War: Objective Secured, 8th Edition Eldar style. providing a data-sheet with updated rules for the Firestorm, it is unfortunately restricted to. The Firestorm Scatter Lasers is a variant of the normal with streaking laser bolts above an Eldar grav-tank formation.

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The funniest part of the Lynx is its Lumbering Flyer rules which are identical to the standard flyer rules for Imperial aircraft. It is not possible to be prepared for an explicit tactical objective. The Dark Eldar employ more insidious versions of these weapons called Darklight weapons: For Matched Play, taking a Firestor Craftworld detachment can be a powerful, albeit situational choice.

While a good amount of eldar cheese has been toned down since firestrm edition launched, there are still a couple units that can perform spectacularly when grouped together. No infringement of their trademarks is intended. Also pretty nice on that Farseer in the Dark Reaper blob that they just guided.

Just like everything mostly in the Eldar arsenal, it’s a tool for a specific job. If that is true, the Imperial Army ruels do with some of that decadence. Shining Spears stole the spotlight when it comes to Saim-Hann’s Fast Attack choices, as their immense fireatorm range makes hit and run tactics particularly potent given their re-rollable charges. If they ever ifrestorm make it so close alive to begin with.

The position of laser arrays can be adjusted to focus or disperse the destructive power of the weapon depending on the type of target. If you are the kind of elf who likes it when a plan comes together, you might be tactical enough to lead the Eldar to their victory upon the battlefield. However, given how expensive it is to do this, the Custodes will have more things to worry about from a mobile army like the Eldar, like being able to actually score objectives though they aren’t just spamming Jetbikes against Eldar instead is another question entirely.


During the shooting phase, pick a Wave Serpent rulees discharged its shield on an earlier turn. The Phantom Titan howevergets an upgrade in the fireztorm of the Dire Pulsars. However as previously mentioned, the lack of armor penetrations means that the Pulse laser is poor against other heavier armored vehicles.

Those Swooping Hawks who use Cloudsweepers like to strike from high above their targets, placing themselves in minimal danger of actually being shot at. Whatever your Aspect Warriors can do, your Autarch can do slightly better while supplementing their specialized skills.

Alternatively, Dire Avengers are well rounded troop choices. Be careful though; Unless Jain Zar is within 6″ of your banshees, they no longer strike first in melee.

However, the units are as clearly spelt out in the unit listing themselves. Webway Strike two squads of maxed Defenders Heavy Weapons platforms optional and recommended, but not necessarily required for the frugal player and drop a Swooping Hawk Autarch next to them to guarantee the death of something your opponent thought was safe.

This is a significant change so you must decide what you want out of Soulburst or Craftworld Attributes and Warlord Traits. Lastly, Wraithseers enjoy the charge re-rolls for two reasons: Those rules only apply for games of Apocalypse.

Eldar Laser Weapons

As with most Dark Eldar technology, they use a rather exotic, extremely dangerous energy dubbed Darklight in their anti-vehicle weaponry. Do any of you have any suggestions on how to either find alternative conversion kits or kit bash the fire prism? In a sense, a Heat Lance, instead of dispersing the obscene heat that most melta weapons should in order to cover as much as area as possible, the Heat Lance ruless the other hand, would actually focus the discharged superheated gas into a focus point like a laser; intensifying its armor penetration to puncture even the toughest of armor.

As the Soulburst rulse thankfully no longer applies to anything in this category, and as Wraithknights are already shadows of their former eldarr, it’s best to simply pretend this slot doesn’t exist.


Eldar Firestorm – Request for Info – Forum – DakkaDakka

They are most often used on the Eldar’s grav vehicles, on heavy weapon platforms, and by the Swooping Hawk and Shining Spear Aspect Warriors. Submit a new text post. Unfortunately, no other unit in this slot can directly benefit from soulbursts, but can at least attempt to trigger it for any of your infantry or bikers in a pinch.

The stars once lived and died at our hands and yet you still defy us? Craftworld Specific [ edit ] Strategems which can naturally only be used by their specific craftworld in an attempt to augment what those forces already specialize in. Tempest of Blades 3 CP: Warhammer40k submitted 2 years ago by albireous. Times and dates in your local timezone.

I’ve searched but I can’t find the “official” Forgeworld rules on variant models such as the [edit: Need a little more durable artillery to back up your paper-thin Kabalites? My meaning was you could choose to use the IA flyer rules instead of the Apoc flyer rules if you so choose. Much better than the flashlight of the Imperium by virtue of less heat build up allowing a greater rate of fire.

No unit you could field here gets any direct benefit from being in a Ynnari Detachment, and should be fielded in a secondary Craftworld Detachment to at least gain some benefit of use.

GW really went for the throat on Superheavies with their first edition of Chapter Approved.

The two main weapons are both impressive:. This means that you won’t get the Craftworld Bonuses for Titans – as awesome as -1 to hit or count as double-wound Titans would be, we won’t have it. This rule mean that now Eldar flyers can potentially rupes between 2 points all the time, good luck positioning your Crimson Hunters in a 6″ bubble near Asurmen.

Drain on top of the H.