ESTA CODE ESTABLI SHMENT CODE KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA (REVI SED EDI TI ON) A COMPENDI UM OF LAWS, RULES AND I NSTRUCTI ONS. Estacode (Edition ) (New), A Compendium of Laws and Rules Containing Efficiency and Discipline Rules, A Manual on Travelling. See “Appeals” in Volume II, Estacode Edition, Application. ______ of Civil Servants (Appointment, Promotion and Transfer) Rules to. Posts in BPS 3 to

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The above instructions may be brought to the notice of all concerned under your Administrative control for compliance.

estacode – Wiktionary

Duty hours means 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. Membership of Service Association: The Estaclde Government have already issued Notification No. As in the case of Class-I, the representation will be submitted within 15 days estacpde the publication of the appointment orders in the official Gazette.

A civil servant shall be Hable to prescribed disciplinary action and penalties in accordance with the prescribed procedure. Such stay shall be not less than a minimum of two years.

Invariably the excuse for having eestacode awards by Government servants is ignorance of the rules. The Enquiry Officer is not required to make mention of exoneration or any other recommendation of punishment etc unless otherwise specifically asked for.

However, if the authorised officer decides that an inquiry should be conducted through an Inquiry Officer or an Inquiry committee, then the procedure as laid down in rule 6 of the said rules shall be followed. Average 5 marks 5 marks 5.

However, in urgent cases, time for inviting applications should not be less than seven days from the date of publication of the advertisement. Even the other required staff does not meet the bare minimum. In the case of initial recruitment: The list so prepared shall be maintained upto date and shall be revised at least once a year.


These instructions may kindly be brought to the notice of all concerned under your control with clarification that the defaulters shall render themselves hable to strict disciplinary action under the relevant rules. P Government Servants Conduct Rules, or unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman and ineludes any act on the part of Government servant to bring or attempt to bring political or other outside influence directly or indirectly to bear on Government or any Government Officer in respect of any matter relating to the appointment, promotion, transfer, punishment, retirement or other conditions of Service of a Government servant; f “penalty” means a penalty which may be imposed under these rules; and g “Province” means the North-West Frontier Province.

Second Step Average marks for each level will be calculated according to the following formula: No Government servant shall live beyond his means, etc: Para-8 The scrutiny will be carried out in the light of record fumished by the applicant with particular reference to his academic qualification, experience, professional skills, age limits and other conditions advertised for the post.

I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to say that a meeting was held on 4. The Competent Authority is pleased to order the transfer of Mr.

It has, however, come to the notice that certain Civil Servants do not abide by the requirements of law and the aforesaid instructions.

Intimation with regard to their date of retirement should also be given to these employees one year prior to their superannuation, so as to serve as advance information. However, it appears that the above instructions have either been lost sight of or the Departments have taken a lenient view thereof.


The appointment by initial recruitment to a higher post or to a different post has to be made strictly in the prescribed manner and any deviation would not be in accordance with law and rules on the subject.

The Zonal Allocation Formula shall not apply to project posts. After all, there is always attached a finality to decisions taken by competent authorities. M, issues with the concurrence of the Ministry of Finance. If it is proposed to impose a major penalty, he shall forward the case to the authority alongwith the charges and statement of allegation s served on the accused, the explanation of the accused to the show cause notice, the findings of the inquiry officer or inquiry committee, it appointed, and his own recommendations regarding the penalty to be imposed.

Sub- Para-JJ added vide circular No.

Estacode Volume I (New)

For the purposes of these rules, age of a candidate shall be calculated from the closing date of submission of applications for a particular post. Representative of Finance Department not below the rank of Deputy Secretary. Short title, extent, commencement and application. Confirmation 1 A person appointed on probation shall, on satisfactory completion of his probation, be eligible for confirmation in a Service or, as the case may be, a post as may be prescribed.

Ordinance to override other laws. This new edition is outcome of endeavours of this Committee. The authority shall pass such orders as it may deem proper. On re-instatement the Government servant shall be regarded as having continued in Service throughout.