si dezvoltarea competențelor şi abilităţilor de comunicare eficienta, gandire creativa și a pe parcursul cursului vor fi atinse subiecte precum: ghid brainstorming, blocaje de curs „Gandirea creativa si tehnici de rezolvare a problemelor”. Thinkpak: A Brainstorming Card Deck [With Page Instruction Booklet] Jocurile mintii te invata sa generezi idei pentru noi afaceri, noi produse si extensii de de gandire creativa, pentru a aborda problemele in moduri neconventionale . Jocurile mintii te invata sa generezi idei pentru noi afaceri, noi produse si care pot fi folosite individual sau in cadrul intalnirilor si al sesiunilor de brainstorming, de gandire creativa, pentru a aborda problemele in moduri neconventionale.

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Molt popular Tinc els mateixos amics off i on-line. The aim is to find and analyse their social media accounts and online presence. La persona A imita los movimientos de la persona B. Here some simple examples made with instagram: Is there anything you are unsure about? Develop an awareness of risk or danger and a sense of responsibility and self-accountability for self-disclosure and personal safety in physical and virtual contexts.

De ziua ta Helen Exley Helen Exley. Faccio supposizioni sulle persone in base ai gruppi cui appartengono.

Lecturi motivationale

Is there a theme to the products they are linked to? Discutete gli usi discriminatori di immagini e commenti. Los acepto a todos y les doy acceso a todo mi contenido on-line. Demana als participants que reflexionin i debatin: What bearings have our experiences and interests on our perspectives?


What is your self-image? The training took place in Brussels and involved 45 secondary school students through innovative workshops based on non-formal and interactive methodologies.

For inspiration, have a look at this project where the artist JR has invited people to send him selfies, which he has converted into posters: And the conversations he imagines with himself and several of the cards model for us a truly creative approach to engaging deeply with the pictures. Collage Arts, Londra, Anglia.

Carti michael michalko

It is a great idea to let young people choose a social network they would want to share the results on decide on one most have and take the opportunity to try and create a closed or private group, so they can see creagiva options and sharing restrictions. What is the message? Then retell the story, the observer gives feedback on how well and closely to the original the story was retold.

Do I s anyone who has been bullied? De la mateixa manera que tu vas tenir temps per contactar-me. Habladlo primero en grupos reducidos y luego ponedlo en conjunto con el resto.

Come vi sentireste al loro posto? For People Who Hate to Sell. Ce que je suis 1: Discuss each element of the collage and how it challenges stereotypes, are there any not included, how might this collage be used, have participants own perceptions and ideas been challenged, are there themes or ideas which connect across the stereotypes?


Escludo i miei amici da chat o gruppi.

Lecturi motivationale din magazinele online |

Explain what a stereotype is and give some examples to include in the activity, i. Offline activity, part 1: Stretch and flex your mental muscles with Thinkpak, a creative-thinking tool designed by Michael Michalko, author of the groundbreaking book Thinkertoys.

This book is a compilation of over 11 years of writing poetry. My fingers are fast. A Guide to Divination with the Tarot. Activitate offline, partea a 2-a: This deck of illustrated idea-stimulating cards distills Michalko’s proven methods, allowing you to view gandirf in a new light.

Crea declaracions importants per al teu grup i deixa que ells mateixos les generin. Discutete e rivedete il tutto nuovamente. Queste persone pensano che avrebbero potuto agire diversamente? La persona A imita els moviments de la persona B.