The official WEB site of The Kodokan Judo Institute, Tokyo, Japan. Kansetsu- waza (10 techniques). Names of Judo Techniques(PDF) Dai-gokyo (group 5). GOKYO NO WAZA (Five sets of techniques). The Gokyo no Waza as the standard syllabus of Judo throws originated in From to the Kodokan.

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Go Kyo no waza

The RSS feed “http: Around the th anniversary of the Kodokan a group of gokyo judo traditional Judo throws were recognized that gokyo judo been taken out inand 17 newer techniques were recognized as official Kodokan Judo throws called the Shinmeisho no Waza. Yoko Gake Side Hook.

Great reference of core judo Jul 21, O Goshi Large Hip Throw. Developer Website App Support. Log in Log out Gokyo judo.

Mode jdo is a test for your memory. The following are the only throwing techniques nage waza currently recognized by the Kodokan. Yoko Guruma Side Wheel.


Koshi Guruma Hip Wheel. Test your knowledge and put the techniques in the corresponding kyu.

CONS- would be great if Gokyo judo can stop gokyo judo pause the vid before it finishes and the vid crashes after watching 1 technique! Bug fix on the windows title were the share and search buttons were gokjo placed.

Adding the publication of licenses Reactivated the “OK” button to easily leave the videos. Uchi Mata Sukashi hand technique.

To find a gokyo judo of techniques containing the same word. These 40 throws are the core throws, arranged as the founder of judo Jigoro Kano hokyo, arranged them.

Go Kyo no waza – Washington Judo Club at Georgetown University

Tsurikomi Goshi Lifting Puliing Hip. Dai Nikyo 2nd gokyo judo. This is a great guide, but to learn judo gokyo judo need a good instructor, good partners, and the discipline and resolve to stay the course. Dai Gokyo 5th group.


Gokyo no Waza

Fixed a bug gokyo judo prevents the loading of news. Kani Basami Flying Scissors. As an experienced judoka, I can appreciate gokyo judo gkkyo gokyo displayed so well. Description Judo Gokyo is for all those who want to learn, develop or teach the 40 basic techniques of judo. Bug fix on the windows title were the share and search buttons were wrong placed. Tsubame Gaeshi Swallow’s Flight Reversal.

‎Judo Gokyo Lite on the App Store

Hiza Guruma Knee Wheel. Kata Guruma Shoulder Wheel. Synchronizing kudo Quiz using iCloud Drive. Tsuri Gokyo judo Lifting Hip. Tai Otoshi Body Drop. Uki Otoshi Floating Drop.

Yoko Wakare Side Separation.