Shri Hanuman Prashnawali. Method – Think of a question. Be as specific as possible, placing the question in a close-ended context: eg. “Will I get a promotion. Ramacharitamanas Prashnavali created by poet saint Tulsidas is a divine gift to mankind and is the best way to get instant answers to your questions. Online Prashnawalis- Hanuman Prashnavali – Get quick replies to your questions .

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Look after your parents and do the Baal Kand Path in Ramacharitamanas Observe fasting on Tuesdays for good results. Daily sharing Ashtavakra Gita in English Pt Be prepared with worship of Rama. To seek most benefits of worshipping Lord Hanuman, this Hanuman Jayanti, i.

Do Hanuman Chalisa daily and you are bound to see success very soon. Observe fast on Thursday The family, society and your workplace will be in your favor.

You will gain good health and will be freed of your tension. Your journey is now going to bear fruits. Times Point Know more.


Your good times are fast approaching. You may hear news of conception.

Hanuman Prashnavali chakra 4

You will face troubles for a couple of months You may gain wealth Be prepared to receive the lucky angel. Observe Durga Saptasati path. To achieve success, observe fast on Tuesday and offer Chola to Lord Prashnaali This will give you the answer to your question.

Objections from your family.

Shree Ramacharitamanas Prashnavali

The problems you face will last for a few days. Hanuman Chalisa – A Mystical Interpretation. Perform Hanuman puja and darshan for hwnuman Let Us Call You Now. New year Education Astrology Report. You will hear the news of conception. Wait to make a new start to succeed. They might betray you. Court cases will be ruled in your favor.

Sh. Hanuman Prashnavali Chakra APK

Chant Sriram Nam five rounds of in Tulsi beads rosary. Read the Baal Kand Path from Ramacharitamanas He helps build confidence.

Worshiping Lord Hanuman helps to overcome laziness, fickle-mindedness, procrastination etc. You might hear the news of a foreign travel offer Education Report for 1 Year. Visit Hanuman temple and do Hanuman manta jap for success Stories you may want to read. Your own kith and kin are going against you and conspiring.


You will receive good news about conception very soon. Chant Jai Sitaram times. These are testing times. Never lose these 8 things as losing them invites doom and failure in your life! For success, you will have to embark on a journey Observe fasting on Thursday.

Praahnavali may receive good news about conception Be ready to celebrate the victory Vishnu Abhishek on Devotthan Ekadashi.

Observe Durga Saptasati path Do Ramnam jap continuously and you are bound to hear the good news very soon. Your work may be completed after a month Surya Puja on Chhath: