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I am really very much thankful for your vigorous efforts in providing this education. View of Waste Ink Unit and closer view of Spring which is to be removed to open waste ink unit. Pour the dust by help of a piece of paper. Tto have to do all that 4 times for my color laser printer!

How to Refill laser Printer Toner: Step by Step Instructions

Place the tension spring by the help of a twiser. Make emty the tonner unit is any dust remains. Now take the side cover off:.

Not all the toners are mechanically same. Open it and fill the Ink dry in it then close it and finally re-assemble the two units which were separated earlier. Next step is to set-apart two main units of the cartridge. Get out the tension spring located at waste toner part.


Locate the spring part of the magnetic roller ‘D’ shaped. Do not twist the transparent blade part. After removing the side cover, you can see a white plastic cover, you have to remove this and fill here the toner-ink:. Clean the magnetic roller with a soft cloth. Fix the magnetic roller gently.

After you remove pins from both sides of the toner cartridge, you have to remove a spring as shown:. Do not remove the gears. I am a raw hand in this field but after going through programs of technical knowledge launched by you on net, I have really become an IT engineer. So now, take the other unit where the ink resides.

How to Refill laser Printer Toner: Step by Step Instructions

Color laser toners should not be refilled at home. Unscrew and remove the wiper blade and clean it by soft cloth. I have already changed the wiper blade, doctor blade, pcr, drum and magnetic rod. Match the shape with the cartridge body. Shake well the tonner dust before refilling. Open the other end of the cartridge by pulling it gently until it separated.


Yes, there are magnetic and non-magnetic inks. Do not make excess pressure during assembling, simply make the position it will get its position softly.


Next step is to separate the waste unit and ink unit, which are joined together with the help of pins. After you have taken outside cover, the next step is to take out drum unit.

Every Laser printer is equipped with a toner cartridge that is instrumental in printing your documents or images. There are two types of inks, magnetic and non-magnetic. Remove the waste dust completly with the help of brush. Unscrew the both end of the hp 12 toner cartridge.

What can I do? One unit is a waste unit and the other is called ink-unit. Fasten all the screws.