21 Jan A review of How to Attain Enlightenment by James Swartz for the Consciousness Junkie website. Swartz unfolds the methods of Vedanta while unraveling the myths and mysteries of the enlightened state. But this book does not simply present more spiritual. Inquiry into object happiness — What is enlightenment? — The means of knowledge — Qualifications — The self — Obstructions — Inquiry into karma and dharma.

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If what you say agrees with what he says, then James Swartz will probably declare you as enlightened. Then you wait until the Self sends someone who is sincere. I needed an isolated swratz, so I moved to a cave upriver beyond Laxman Jhoola, and discovered after a few days that I was the roommate of a three-foot cobra! This knowledge comes from experience, from observation of both the subjective and the objective worlds. Neo Advaita seems to miss that paradoxical subtlety.

By that I mean the knowledge of consciousness James Swartz has been teaching traditional Vedanta for over 40 years in America, Europe, and India, and this page book represents a comprehensive exposition of what this ancient tradition is all about. He is saying, do nothing you are already free, liberated and enlightened.

But people understood it the wrong way and thought that Osho was preaching people to do more sex. And it is not Vivekananda who classified vedanta as gnana yoga but it has been called by this name for centuries… I see his linguistic arguments every where… In fact, all James is doing is teaching traditional vedanta with his own weird opinions of how words should be defined… I can go on and on about all this because as an Indian who was born and brought up in this culture I know what I am talking about….

I think it is very easy to convince James that you are enlightened, you just have to parrot what he says but show some confidence on what you are saying and act as if it comes from your own understanding. And because of that attitude the Self put me together with this teacher and gave me Vedanta, this amazing means of Self-knowledge.


People lacking in some of these traits may find themselves becoming blocked in their spiritual journey, and James gives good reasons why. The first thing that I want to talk about is the enlightenment quiz that he has in the website.

So I stayed with my teacher for two years from four a.

While James Swartz dismisses most of the so called spiritual teachers as self-deluded May it is true, but I am pointing out that his desperate interest in doing this only shows his interest in showing himself superiorhe himself has authorized some of his enligtenment to teach and declared them as enlightened.

And these enlightnement want to believe and belief is easy, until you start thinking. In India, so many books are published on Vedanta and thousands of people read them. We are all trying to figure things out that will make life work for us. Once the self is known for what it is, you do not need to know it again. In fact,from what I have seen, a realized Guru gives an organized teaching only a secondary importance.

Attin is not good for you either. It teaches you how to think so that your thinking is in harmony with reality. I got thrown out of two schools: Hey Jacko aka wacko, not as crazy like you as to believe I am enlightened like your James and yourself pretend to be and who are always on acid and attaib.

How to Attain Enlightenment

Krishnamurti did uncover the true essence of meditation and taught people to be aware of their body, mind and emotions which is too for modern men. In my opinion, when Zorba and Buddha is brought together in a man, he actually gets balanced in the middle.

It is inside that you need to look. Vedanta is a complete, systematic means of self-enquiry. After my awakening, I see things in a very different way.

He also fed me and provided a place to stay for two years. The Self is beyond experience. And I could not stand the constraints of living enlghtenment a small provincial town.

If the problem is ignorance of my true identity, then the only thing that is going to remove it is knowledge. You are asleep to your true nature. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: People who are ajmes pure, perhaps. Here is the quiz: He paid attention to my progress. If you get on a bus or a plane for San Francisco, you are not there yet but you know you will eventually atyain in San Francisco; so you just kick back and enjoy the ride.


How to Attain Enlightenment – Sentient Publications

jame It is just a clear analysis of what reality is. Starts from the point of view of any individual seeking happiness and logically walks the seeker through the whole spiritual path.

That will be some kind of ambitious do-gooder or someone out to get something from ti. Why is it there this inherent paradox that only a few embark upon the path to Self knowledge? If it is experiential, you can lose it. Like Liked by 1 person.

View all posts by Shanmugam. Only the scholars try to maintain an organized system called Vedanta and strictly follow its syllabus when teaching it to their students. There is mutual respect and admiration, even though they know that the teacher knows something extra.

Therefore traditional Vedanta contains within its teaching expositions about the nature of the world, the nature of the individual, and the unity of the two. Believe me, I have seen hundreds of scholars teaching pure Vedanta and James may agree that all these scholars are enlightened. Somehow you were committed to your path and that was stronger than the false guru. Yes, sex, drugs and jamfs and roll. The chapter on Ramana Maharshi is interesting reading, and worth reading for anyone interested in his teachings.

I enjoyed this book because it gave me a new spiritual perspective and helped me overcome my own set of obstacles.