The JBL® W15GTi MkII inch (millimeter) subwoofer is nothing short of amazing. Using technology from JBL’s professional audio division, where. The JBL® W15GTi MkII inch (millimeter) subwoofer is nothing short of Using technology from JBL’s professional audio division, where subwoofers. View and Download JBL W15GTI technical data online. 15” Woofer. W15GTI Subwoofer pdf manual download.

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Frequency Response The range of frequencies the speaker will reproduce lowest frequency to the highest. Thicker than the competition, complete sound damping kit for entire vehicle! This is a key specification as subs wired in parallel or low impedances can create problems with your amplifier and potentially void all warranties. We encourage you to ask our support w15gyi prior to purchase if you do not understand jbbl impedance level will suit your application best.

This is the name of the subwoofer’s series. Some subwoofers are specially designed for particular jbk. IMPP refers to injection molded polypropylene, a commonly used process and material in speakers. The unitless measurement usually varies from 0. It’s weird to hear no sound other than house rattles. The optimal range is 20 – 20, Hz which is the range of human hearing. Please log in to vote.

Cannot be combined with other offers. I can recommend this product because of it’s durability and quality. My second gti w15 for homecinema very good subwoofer. The higher the number, the more efficient the speaker and the louder it will play with the same input power. Subwoofers A detailed list of the equipment main product and accessories included with your subwoofer. kbl


RARE JBL W15gti MKII GTI 15″ Monster SQ Subwoofer | eBay

Show me more products from this category. In the rare occasion we are not authorized, we guarantee that the product comes from an Authorized dealer or distributor. Submit your details and we’ll help! Stinger’s Roadkill sound dampening series is sure to kill unwanted road noise and rattles!

Woofer Composition Lightweight woofer cone materials are essential for efficient operation. Nothing else even comes close. In case of a blown woofer, a recone kit allows for a simple replacement, as opposed to purchasing an entire new subwoofer.

You may also run w15ghi dual voice coil DVC sub in parallel, series, or combination. It is usually made of a durable material like treated foam or rubber in order w15ti withstand the strenuous job of producing bass frequencies. Letters are not case-sensitive. Equivalent Compliance Vas This is the amount of air that has the same stiffness as the subwoofers suspension.

Shallow mount subwoofers are typically found under a seat or behind the seat in some trucks. A nitrile-butylene rubber one-piece surround delivers the optimal blend of elasticity and internal damping.


Please enter the letters as they are shown in the image above. Poly refers to polypropylene, which is w15gtti or fibers that are polymers of propylene.

Xmax millimeters Typically measured in millimeters, the Xmax value is the measure of a speaker cone’s maximum excursion in one direction while maintaining a linear behavior. A quad voice coil has four voice coils and is equal to two dual voice coil subwoofers as far as wiring goes. The ideal jhl camera for all BMWs.

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If “yes”, then the subwoofer includes a grille. We recommend that you confirm your speaker sizes. Now hitting 50hz tone with upgraded amplifier 6kwatts,tuned 39hz. In conclusion, I liked them so much, I bought two more. The Peak power jlb specification is typically rated per speaker unless otherwise noted.

Re-Cone Kit Available Some higher end subwoofers have replaceable cone assemblies. Item Added to Cart. Maximum Ported Box Volume This value indicates the maximum ported box volume that the manufacturer recommends for the subwoofer.

Please call tech support at if you require additional assistance. Any enclose Subwoofer to intro? Need help with Car Audio Configuration!

Other Accessory 3 Standard accessories are included in the list above special accessories; however, this line provides specific details on an additional, unique accessory that is included with the product. Some speakers’ sensitivity is measured with 2. Performance car w15gtl have racing divisions to test and push the limits of their capabilities.

The greater the rating, the lower the stiffness and larger recommended enclosure. If special accessories are included in the box, they will be listed and detailed below the main list of equipment.