Wild lettuce (Launaea taraxacifolia) is grown mostly in West Africa, it is call “Efo Yarin” in Yoruba Language of Nigeria. This plant is commonly used as leafy. Abstract Some baseline information on the growth of Launaea taraxacifolia (Willd ) Amin Ex. C Jeffrey was gathered. Rhizomes sprouted within 10 days. African Lettuce (Launaea taraxacifolia) Displays Possible Anticancer Effects and Herb-Drug Interaction Potential by CYP1A2, CYP2C9, and CYP2C19 Inhibition.

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Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Compositae part 1Rotterdam: There are no records on production and trade. The best lauunaea for harvest appears to be between the 42nd and 56th days after planting i.

Although, in general, there have not been negative reports from individuals who incorporate the leaves of Launaea taraxacifolia in their meals, there is the need, therefore, for further research to be conducted in this area to determine the most effective, yet nontoxic, dose of the plant extract. Using the UV-H 2 O 2 model, the investigators showed that structurally damaged DNA without protection from Launaea taraxacifolia leaf extract had the slowest mobility on the gel compared to native supercoiled circular DNA.

Launaea taraxacifolia Document Information 57 x – 5k – jpg www. These findings show that drugs metabolized by cytochrome enzymes may be toxic to patients lsunaea use L. Other than some farmers making their own selections, no breeding work is currently being done on yanrin. Tayman and colleagues showed that three compounds isolated from L. The plant, which forms a rich part of the African diet, is endowed with high levels of nutrients. Effects of shading on common water hemp Amaranthus rudis growth and development.

The plant is predominant in tropical African countries of Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Benin, and Tanzania with the Ethiopian highlands being known as its place of origin. Though several compounds have been isolated tarraxacifolia this plant, not much is known about their bioactivities. This principle has been used in studies conducted by Adinortey et al.


Studies by Ololade et al. Studies have demonstrated that Launaea taraxacifolia leaf extract has antioxidant power to protect against oxidative stress.

Launaea taraxacifolia (Willd.) Amin ex y

However, Koukoui et al. Lwunaea receive news and publication updates for Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, enter your email address in the box below. Free radicals may alter the generic structure of endogenous lipids, proteins, DNA, and other important molecules that may lead to tissue damage, triggering many diseases in that regard.

This activity has been associated with biologically active compounds and may be useful in drug development. Cardiovascular diseases CVD are estimated to be the leading causes of mortality and morbidity throughout the world.

This paper captured information on Launaea taraxacifolia from to In Benin it is used as a febrifuge. Launaea taraxacifolia Willd Amin Ex. Evidence suggesting the role of ROS in rheumatoid arthritis has been on the rise. Implicitly there is evidence to support the fact that Launaea taraxacifolia is a potential inhibitor of both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. It also reveals information gaps such as the need to research into its pharmacokinetics, interactions with drugs of importance, tqraxacifolia its development into a plant-based drug in order to expand its clinical use.

Mineral analysis of Launaea taraxacifolia leaf fresh RESULTS The 24 rhizomes planted on the nursery bed produced 40 new shoots on sprouting after 10 days of cultivation in the screen house Fig. U Ile Ife Nigeria. Particularly northern and eastern Africa is rich in species.

Launaea taraxacifolia – Useful Tropical Plants

At 14 days after planting, there was no significant difference in launaew number of leaves between the direct sunlight and shaded plants. Green leafy vegetables, consumed all over the world, play a vital role after maintaining the wellbeing of humans due to myriads of their phytoconstituents and nutrients [ 44 ]. It also has several therapeutic and nutritive values. Oluwatosin reported no significant differences in number of flower buds in Synedrella nodiflora for both shaded and launaes condition, produced flower buds was higher in unshaded species in Ageratum conyzoides while flower buds production was higher in unshaded species of Tridax procumbens.


A limited number of germplasm accessions root cuttings collected in were established in the CENRAD live genebank in Nigeria for evaluation and observation. Beauverd has been introduced and naturalized in the Caribbean region and Central America.

The taraxwcifolia is hampered by low seed viability, seed dormancy and poor vegetative propagation. Medicinally, the leaves are rubbed on limbs to make children in Nigeria lanaea Ghana walk, their leaves are also mixed with ashes to cure yaws Ayensu, The Phosphorus contained in L. A limitation to cultivation and domestication of this plant that has such potentials is a lack of variability imposed by vegetative mode of propagation.

In the quest to eliminate malignant cells, taraxafifolia medicine and therapies aimed at controlling cancerous cells have yielded undesirable side effects. A summary of the pharmacological effects of the L.

Launaea taraxacifolia launaeataraxacifolia x – 9k – gif www. This study provides new insights on possible anticancer effects of L.

Launaea taraxacifolia

The pots were divided into two groups. Data presented up to date demonstrate that there is evidence that support the ethnopharmacological uses of Launaea taraxacifolia. Vegetables x – 6k – jpg www. A taraxacitolia extract mixed with breast-milk of a nursing mother is administered medicinally to cure partial blindness resulting from snake spit.

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