The following information in reproduced exactly as it is printed in the book “NLGA (National Lumber Grades Authority) Standard Grading Rules for Canadian. lumber grading rules. The NLGA rule is approved and enforced by the Canadian Lumber. Standards Accreditation Board (CLSAB) and by the American Lumber. 1 Jan The NLGA Interpretations incorporate the National Grading Rule entirety. For other than the NGR portions of the NLGA Rules, NLGA.

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Nlga grading rules of Transportation Engineers. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. This portion of the thin edge may contain characteristics that will be covered when laid and will provide a suitable backing.


Standards of accredited organizations or other agencies. Deutsches Institut fur Normung e.

International Slurry Surfacing Association. Except for siding intended for rough side use, bevel siding is graded on the surfaced side with characteristics and grsding provisions enumerated in the grades applying to nlga grading rules exposed width.

Strategic Highway Research Program. This grade may include stock too thin to dress in standard sizes.

American Wood Protection Association. Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding is produced by resawing kiln dried surfaced lumber on a bevel to produce two pieces thicker nlga grading rules one edge than the other and is most commonly used as exterior siding, giving a horizontal nlga grading rules line effect. Pieces are graded from the resawn side. National Council Highway Research Program. Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories. Western Red Cedar Finish is customarily shipped kiln dried and surfaced four sides.


American Water Works Association. National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

NLGA Grading Rules

Thick edge may be rough or surfaced. Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.

Additional requirements for which the producer is responsible are:. International Municipal Signal Association. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. International Concrete Repair Institute. Factory Primed Bevel Siding Factory primed products shall be identified with a stamp or label by the producer.

Many pieces have a fine appearance on one side, the reverse side showing larger or more numerous characteristics. End-glued, edge-glued or nlga grading rules combination of end and edge-glued Bevel Siding is intended to be interchangeable in use value with one-piece stock of a comparable grade.

Otherwise mixed grain M. Infraguide of Best Practices. End-glued, edge-glued or a combination of end and edge-glued Finish, Panelling, Ceiling and Drop Siding is intended to be interchangeable in use value with one-piece stock of the comparable grade.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Nlga grading rules must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Some pieces may contain: Ready Nlga grading rules Concrete Association of Ontario. United Kingdom Highways Agency. Ministere des transports du Quebec MTQ.


Standard Grading Rules for Canadian Lumber – National Lumber Grades Authority (NLGA)

The exposed face shall be all heartwood with many pieces being absolutely clear. British Board of Agrement. Ontario Statutes, Regulations, etc. The thick edge may contain light torn or raised grain. Glued-Up Bevel Siding End-glued, edge-glued or a combination of end and edge-glued Bevel Siding is nlga grading rules to be interchangeable in use value with one-piece stock of a comparable grzding.

Pieces of Panelling, Drop Siding and Ceiling run to pattern may be partially surfaced or hollow or scratched back. Code of Federal Regulations. Characteristics and limiting provisions are: American Society of Safety Engineers. Florida Nlga grading rules and Products Association. Transportation Association of Canada.

Society for Protective Coatings. National Fire Protection Association. California Department of Transportation. The characteristics of the grade are the same as for one-piece stock. Hamilton Hydro-Electric System Specifications. Geosynthetic Institute Test Nlga grading rules and Standards.

American Society for Testing and Materials. Society of Automotive Engineers. Goods and Services Identification Number.