9 Oct The appeals were followed by a failed Mercy Petition for executive clemency submitted under the Pakistan Prisons Rules of , based on. WHEREAS it is expedient to amend the law relating to prisons in [2][Pakistan], and to provide rules for the regulation of such prisons;. It is hereby enacted as. Known as the Pakistan Prison Rules, the manual grew out of the federal of and was adopted by the provinces in Chapter 12 of the Rules.

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Efforts should be made to arrange for the maintenance and protection of children, outside the jail, when they became of school-going age. The Badin Jail is still in operation but rulea. The personnel should receive such training as will enable them to carry out their responsibilities effectively, in particular training in child psychology, child welfare and international standards and norms of human rights and the rights of pakiztan child, including the present Rules.

Secular subjects, on the other hand, are taught by adult prisoners-who Baloch said were teachers before theirincarceration-for three hours each morning. Rule states that “[w]omen prisoners will be classified in the same manner as is provided in the case of male prisoners. Section 27 to 30 of the Prison Act and Rules to of the Pakistan Prison Rulesclearly provide for the classification of pakistqn on the basis of their involvement in civil matters or criminal offences.

Rules for the Protection of Juveniles, which stress the need for professional staff, with specialized training related to children.

Processing Bail Applications It was brought to the notice of the Commission that, most of the prisoners, both under-trial and convicted, were ignorant of their pakisan of bail under the law.

Award of Punishment by Jail Superintendent Chapter 23 of the Jail Manual, classifies the offences committed in prisons by the prisoners and prescribes the procedure for award of punishment.

The Prison Rules permit superintendents to appoint convicts as prison officers if prizon meet certain qualifications, with respect to offense, time served, and conduct. Such centers do exist and are functioning in some prisons.


Pakistan has a common prison manual in effect throughout the country. The Prison Rules do not require the training of assistant superintendents, but their completion of the Institute’s initial six-month course is usually mandated by their appointment orders.

Rule states that “there must, on no account, be opportunity for conversation or communication with adults. Release on Parole Section 2 and 5 of the Good Conduct Prisoners Probational Release Act, deal with powers and conditions for the release of convicts on parole. These exigencies are all the more onerous for juveniles because of their youth and their low conviction rate; many endure deprivation and abuse for months or years while awaiting trials that ultimately result in their acquittal.

By rulws, the Punjab Borstal Rules, drafted to govern institutions established under the Punjab Borstal Act, grant borstal superintendents discretion to censor correspondence.

Pakistan Prisoners Code (Jail Manual) | Punjab Judicial Academy

For children held in prisons other than juvenile institutions, the Prison Rules provide that “efforts shall be made to teach the Nimaz [prayer], elementary education, and industrial training under proper supervision. Some such suggestions were accepted and incorporated in the Report. Such arrangements may be through a properly constituted jail inspection committee consisting of the elected representatives, members of NGO’s, prisn councils, medical associations, journalists and other social elites 178 the society.

Such training should be, both in respect of keeping security and the treatment of prisoners.

Pakistan Prisoners Code (Jail Manual)

It is also recommended that all convicts of Class “C” may be allowed to wear their own clothes instead of jail uniform. It is, therefore, recommended that such permission may be given by the Director, Reclamation and Probation, after due process, and the procedure for the purpose should be simplified.

Provided that the use of hand’cuff during the walk shall be applied only in respect pakistn terrorists or dangerous criminals. It is further recommended that the punishments of putting bar fetters should also be abolished in all prisons. A prisoner under the age of sixteen years may receive no more than fifteen lashes, while prisoners over sixteen years may receive up to thirty. Although the jail authorities had denied Aslam’s requests for a meeting with the superintendent, other boys in the prison had raised his case during visits by their parents.

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Global Legal Monitor

Such jails should be constructed in the outskirts and be designed in a manner to suit the environmental and climatic conditions. According to Mohammad, his confinement was based not on any offense that he had committed while in prison, but on the nature of the crime that he was charged with.

As the table below indicates, the juvenile ward of Lahore District Jail accommodates nearly three times as many inmates as it was designed to hold, a level of overcrowding that reflects conditions in the prison as a whole. Such prisoners languish in prisons unnecessarily. Lahore District Jail, for example, is designed to accommodate one thousand prisoners.

It is recommended that the prisoner should have a right of appeal against a major penalty to the Inspector-General, Prison whose order shall be final. The Jail Superintendent is authorised to award punishment both for minor and some major offences. Although lacking mattresses, these platforms serve as beds, as do the floor spaces between them. In each prison, a qualified medical officer, nursing staff and essential medicines should be provided. The punishment of putting bar fetters should be abolished in all prisons.

The medical officer should be provided residence on or near jail premises so as to be available for emergency treatment. The district jails represent by far the largest category, numbering over forty, and typically have capacities of three hundred to five hundred prisoners each.