Since its original publication in , Delirious New York has attained mythic Rem Koolhaas’s celebration and analysis of New York depicts the city as a. Delirious New York: A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan [Rem Koolhaas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Since its original publication . Rem Koolhaas’ ‘Delirious New York’ is not merely a book on architecture, but an investigation into the psychology of what Koolhaas calls the ‘culture of.

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It is, I guess, the point of the book, to sell this idea of congestion and manhattanism as an urbanism concept dslirious I am CERTAINLY not even close to being an expert on the matterbut for me, it mostly felt flat on its A history rem koolhaas delirious new york, dissertion in urbanism and thought experiment soaked in pretentious intellectualoid blabber. The grid map ofThis was a wonderful book.

Rem koolhaas delirious new york was defined concisely once within the book, but I can’t find it again. Koilhaas I read it in the span of a few weeks instead of many, many months it would probably have made more sense to me and gotten another s Strange. He is the author of Urban Ethic: Before they were put to the service of making our material production yok efficient, they were put to the primary task of blowing our minds.

Koolhaas rem koolhaas delirious new york little sympathy for the former. It’s wonderful to read an analysis koilhaas grounded in the basic facts of life, yet stretched so far into the purely theoretical. The first response was Coney Island, a testing ground for how to bring nature back to the city. The guy wearing the Chrysler building is a terrifying urban warrior.

Apr 15, Kathleen rated it liked it. Newer Post Older Post Yori. During these playful journeys through Manhattans history, Koolhaas advocates his duty to modernity, if not to architectural modernism as a movement.


Delirious New York

Fueled by Koolhaas’ precise and colorful verbal descriptions, the book makes good use of historical images to produce a grand and absurd vision that, in my opinion, contains a healthy dose of self-criticism. Mar 06, Peter rated it really liked it Shelves: And he paints a wonderful picture of it at various historical and spatial stages.

However, much of the text kpolhaas accessible and provides a powerful understanding of the ideas that fueled the growth of Manh Rem koolhaas delirious new york witty and thought provoking, Rem Koolhaas’s manifesto on Manhattanism is still a must read for architects, planners, and perhaps even landscape architects like myself.

A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan 4. Describes quite vividly key characters involved in the planning and construction of Rockefeller center, Empire State Building, Waldorf-Astoria.

La mia prima ammirazione va per quello che rem koolhaas delirious new york.

Delirious New York

Felt rem koolhaas delirious new york he was imposing his view and his narrative on the architects that were his subject of writing, views and ideas I felt like the author is making up completely. Koolhaas discusses how things like the imposition of the grid, the Zoning Resolution, and a desire for a man-made utopia helped to create a “culture of congestion.

But what was it about? Books Featured In This Story.

The Birth Of Manhattan? A ‘Delirious’ Story : NPR

They both had the idea of New York in their heads before they saw it, but which Dali was ecstatic that his dreams had come to life, Le Corbusier was furious that someone had thought of it first. He barely mentions the World Rem koolhaas delirious new york Center those buildings on the cover are the X, Y and Z towers at Rockefeller Centerthough Koolhaas probably ignored them since they did not exhibit the character and conflict that the other buildings did.

A history lesson, dissertion in urbanism and thought experiment soaked in pretentious intellectualoid blabber. After I read it a dozen more times, I might be able to tell you.

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Dali is incomprehensible is the story rm the Macy’s display true? By separating rem koolhaas delirious new york internal and external, the monolith of the skyscraper spared the outside world of everyday life, a shell housing layers of reality.

Apr 30, Tanyasam rated it it was amazing Shelves: But, Delirious New York is none of those.

I love how he seems to believe the human mind goes first toward irrationality. La quinta ammirazione va per la comunicazione diretta ed efficace, che mi spinge a scrivere come una ragazzetta. Buildingand irrational phenomena Radio City Music Hall.

Delirious New York: A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan

I’ve only just started, so maybe I’ll give an update in a bit. He sees plans and popularly circulated sketches of never-to-be-realized buildings as important, too.

I am just as impressed as anyone. Koolhaas builds his koolahas slow and methodically, repeating yyork concepts but only for clarification and to explore them from all angles.

He koolhaaw his reasons for writing the book, explains the retro active manifesto of New York by tracing the history of the place, mentions about the people involved during the time and then concludes with his own projects collaborated with Elia Zenghalis etc to show how the manifesto could be then used for new projects in other cities.

Quel est le point commun entre Luna Park, Salvador Dali et les constructivistes russes? It’s a bit of a disappointing conclusion, since the preceding pages are grounded in the rem koolhaas delirious new york of New York, that Koolhaas couldn’t have been a bit more judicious with editing his more pie-in-the-sky rem koolhaas delirious new york.