SAE J Revised JUL SHOULDER REFERENCE POINT 6* 30′ NOTE: DIMENSIONS ARE MM FIGURE 1— H-POINT TEMPLATE Position the. 26 May BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations. Document Name: SAE J Devices for Use in Defining and Measuring Vehicle Seating Accommodations CFR Section(s): 49 CFR (b) Standards Body.

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The foot is to be placed on the Y plane centerline se the occupant or up to mm 5 in on either side of the Y plane centerline on the floor pan section. Other rear compartment dimensions are recorded directly with the H-Point machine positioned as outlined in steps A. Slide the H-Point machine rearward by a sae j826 rearward load applied at the T-bar until the seat pan contacts the seatback.

When the seatback has an angular adjustment separate from the seat cushion, the sae j826 driving or riding seatback angle is specified by the 8j26 L This digitale indicator delivers all relevant sae j826 in accordance to EU standard requirements.

The foot angle should not exceed degrees. For additional H-Point machine leg location conditions and restrictions, see Section 6 and Section 7 for H-Point sae j826 installation in long- and short-coupled vehicles. Constructed of reinforced plastic and metal, these separate back and sae j826 pans simulate the human torso and thigh and are mechanically hinged at the H-Point.

Other seated positions are specified in 4. Constructed of u826 plastic and metal, it consists of a separate back pan and seat pan, mechanically hinged at sae j826 hip or “H. Follow the general installation procedure through 5. Lateral location for the driver is specified in 4. Restrict the rearward movement of the feet during the rocking motion to prevent jackknifing of the legs which causes forward movement of the seat pan on the seat cushion.

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Curb and sae j826 weight rating loads require different fiducial mark heights. Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. As supplied to leading motor sae j826. If an interference does exist, move the front seat forward as much as may be necessary one seat adjuster position at a time repositioning the feet under sae j826 front seat cushion frame.

This standard is designed to be h826 in the accom- modation method of interior compartment dimensioning which utilizes the manikin, rather sae j826 the free seat contours, to define seating space in a vehicle. Determine L51minimum effective leg room, by measuring the diagonal distance from the ankle point center to the H-Point plus a constant of mm 1 in less the longitudinal movement of the front seat at a height sae j826 to the top of the rear seat cushion.

Establishes seating compartment space and occupant attitudes during the conceptual, engineering, and development stages of any new vehicle. The right leg is adjusted inboard sae j826 the T-bar toward the centerline of the vehicle until just contacting the tunnel or other components or until the Ball of Foot on the shoe is aligned with the center of the accelerator pedal pad unless specified otherwise by sae j826 manufacturer.


The T-bar lateral segment should be parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the Y plane of the vehicle unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. Sufficient force to increase the hip angle by 3 degrees or 2. Sae j826, the H-Point machine thigh attitude depends on the seating package arrangement because the machine’s foot location in the package sets the angle of the lower leg and thigh.

Measures interior compartment space and occupant attitudes sae j826 Percentile lOlh 50th 90th A B A quadrant is fastened to the sae j826 to measure the back angle. However, the foot angle is never less than 87 degrees. Cushion Angle is measured using the H-Point machine with the lower legs removed and the torso weights redistributed about the seat pan. See SAE J1 1 The beam from each lamp may be reaimed in accordance with above instructions for each of the out-of-focus positions of light source.

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Detach one of the lower leg-foot assemblies of the H-Point machine and place it on the second seat floor covering in as close to an expected sae j826 seat passenger foot position as possible.

ETD – Technical Trading – SAE J H-POINT-MANIKIN – ATD Crash-Test-Dummies

Sae j826 spirit levels orient the device in sae j826. The two feet are placed together and positioned to the nearest interference of the toe, instep, or lower leg with the front seat, unless otherwise specified by sae j826 manufacturer. Lower leg segments, also adjustable in length, are connected to the seat sae j826 assembly at the knee joining T-bar, which is a lateral extension of the adjustable thigh bar.

H-Point Machine Second Seat Installation for Long-Coupled Vehicles— -In large vehicles where the ankle or foot does not normally touch the nearest interference with the front seat, the sole of the H-Point machine’s foot is placed on the foot support and the heel is located as indicated on the seating arrangement drawing.

Certified H-Point templates and machines can be purchased from: A graduated sliding probe is hinged from the “H” point to measure the effective headroom in the compartment.

SAE J826: Defining and Measuring Vehicle Seating Accommodation

Shoe and foot assemblies are calibrated to measure the angular relation to the sae j826 leg segment. Follow the installation procedure through 5.

All definitions and dimensions used in conjunction with this document are described in SAE J