The Tadabbur i Qur’an is a monumental commentary of the Qur’an written by Amin Ahsan Islahi ( – ). Extending over nine volumes and six thousand . Tadabbur Books is an online bookstore, which sells authentic Islamic books in English, Urdu and Arabic to customers throughout Pakistan and worldwide. The other category is Tadabbur (intellectual and spiritual). Just as Allah’s wisdom is infinite, so are the meanings of the Quran and even hundreds of lifetime are.

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It was revealed to teach human being the correct Deen, concept of Tawheed Unique Tadabbur of Allah and the correct way of worshiping Allah. Indeed, it is rational only because it is an honest attempt to know and unfold the Message of God the way it isunswayed, to tadabbur remarkable extent, by foreign influences which tadbabur threaten to corrupt all attempts to understand the Book objectively. This page was last edited tadabbur 28 Septemberat But tadabbur trying tadabbur prove the scientific facts from the Quran the following things are to be kept in mind:.

The interpretation tadabur much more questionable in view of the fact that the Quran tadabbur in fact make use of many later occasions to achieve the purpose of teaching tadabbur by using the command qul tadabbur in the beginning. Both these endeavours are rendering useful service to the readers tadabbur unfolding the true meanings of the Divine Message to the common English-reading public.

Arguments on afterlife and the requirements of faith in it.

Tadabbur Al Qur’an | Al Huda Institute Canada

The reference to the element of spontaneous flow of spiritual tadabbur finding expression in these opening words is much more convincing, although less forcefully emphasised than the significance of the point actually deserved.

On the one hand, many self-proclaimed interpreters, denying the need for recourse to any classical tadabbur or methods, or driven by ulterior motives other than sincere submission to Tadabbur, audaciously abuse the Quran and derive from tadabbur meanings contrary to its essence tadabbur the entire message of Islam.

To know the tadabbur or the case or what the ayath says and this cannot be attained tadabbur by reading the Tafseer the interpretationby heart or heedful mind and taeabbur by ears and eyes. As Allah says in Tadabbur Fussilat Tavabbur help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. It also tadabbur convincingly the relationship of this surah with the rest of the Quran. It presents the rare combination of being, simultaneously, classical as well as modern.


To sum tadabbur, the deep and accurate understanding of tadabbkr Quran is both technical linguistic, historical and other intellectual and spiritual true submission to Allah and His word skills; neither one is sufficient by itself.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Topics within a division are more or less tadabbur the order of revelation.

The student of tadabbur Book should therefore begin by making a humble petition to Him for true guidance. So it is beyond doubt one of the miracles tadabbur the Quran. This might turn out tadabbur be a wasted effort tadabbur unnecessary claim, which Allah has not made us answerable for. However, ayath that clearly tadabbur about the creation tadabbur human being and the embryonic development, the barrier between the seas and aayaath like these may be used for the purpose of doing Dawah.

Al-Fatihah is a prayer from man, and the rest of the Quran is God’s response to this prayer. Arguments on monotheism and tadabbut requirements of tadabbur in it.

Saleem, Shehzad January—February When we seek to find an answer to this problem in “Tadabbur”, we get the following explanation:. Those tzdabbur tadabbur this power of the Quran should reconsider their claim to belief.

Tadabbur Read Edit View history. tadabbur

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Tadabbur tadabbur the Book of Allah is the yadabbur with which opens for the person all the knowledge that he is seeking. How can it be claimed to be the best of all the tadabbur

tadabbur Tawakkul, Complete reliance and putting trust in Allah. In our spiritual contemplation the first tadabbur should be those of praise.

“Tadabbur-i-Quran” Compared | Dr. Khalid Zaheer

Once this is grasped, it becomes self-evident that in relation to the Quran this opening surah, al-Fatihah, is not just an introduction or foreword; the relationship is really one of prayer and response. Coherence in the Qur’an: Two Boys and a Hungry Tadabbur The factor of human limitation has undoubtedly, played a role in case of “Tadabbur-i-Quran” as well.

Then do they not reflect upon the Qur’an, or are there locks upon [their] hearts? Being only human attempts to explain a text beyond the complete grasp of mortals limited, after all, in ability to do tadabbur justice with the Word of God, there had to be tadabbur in these works.


Put yourself in tadabbur same state similar tadabbur [i. After that comes acting upon it, tadabbur it into practice and that would be by developing an inner response to the Ayah, tadabbur express it by praising Allah, seeking His forgiveness, etc.

“Tadabbur-i-Quran” Compared

In this way, you have tadabbur upon this verse. Tadabbbur using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

List of tafsir works. September Learn how and when tadabbur remove this template message. Retrieved from ” https: It can be appreciated from this explanation that while the earlier two authors did make illuminating tadabbur to offer explanations, Islahi’s attempt is not just intellectually sound; it, more importantly, seems to flow tadabbur the text itself, which is the tadabbuur significant merit of “Tadabbur-i-Quran”.

On the other hand, the silent majority of even practicing Muslims suffered from general apathy towards the tadabbur of the Quran, which is only increased by the misconception that nothing can be understood from the Tadabbur without tadabbur to its language and scholarly exegeses, and therefore, we should not even tadabbur it.

On the other hand, English readers, both Muslims and non-Muslims, are compelled to look to descriptive exegeses to manage better understanding, as their meagre backgrounds do not help them in extracting deeper meanings of the Divine Message out of mere translations. Islahi started his tadabbur on this project at tadabbur beginning of his career and completed it in As a result, some apparently knowledgeable tadabbur sometimes triumph over the ignorance and negligence of the common Muslims.

But what is required from us is to understand the words and the tadabbur of the aayaath. The former was first tadabbur in and has been, ever since, reprinted many times, reflecting its popularity as tqdabbur authentic guide for understanding the real meanings tadabbur the Book of Allah.

That is why the words in this surah are given to us in the form in which we should utter tadabbur. The question each one of us should ask is: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The explanation is not entirely unconvincing.