About the Author. Shashi Tharoor was born in London and brought up in Bombay and Calcutta. A winner of the Commonwealth Writers Prize, he is the interim. 16 Oct As Penguin releases a 25th anniversary edition of The Great Indian Novel, its author and MP Shashi Tharoor tells the BBC why it would be. The Great Indian Novel – Buy The Great Indian Novel by Shashi Tharoor only for Rs. at Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement.

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Book was in good condition but papers of book are of poor quality. And even if those were true, how does it matter in enjoying a book? Everyone and everything receives the same tongue-in-cheek treatment-Kings and leaders fornicate the narrator leads from the front in this departmenthigh falutin words hide puny complexes, swearing is common place, the works. The Great Indian Novel is basically a narration of the Indian independent struggle in a satirical way cast into the theme of Mahabharata!

The resultant is, as expected, an Indian marriage ceremony. In Ved Vyas’s the great indian novel by shashi tharoor, only Arjun is good enough for Draupadi, but he realises that Arjun will not be faithful to her.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

The Great Indian Novel – Wikipedia

It’s a pity Tharoor quit his non aligned UN job and sullied himself with the same politics he sends up so brilliantly in this novel. How disturbing that “the Mahaguru It is clear that for all the clever characterization, this book is about India and Indian people. Kunal Jaiswar Certified Buyer 21 May, The Pandavas wander India sticking up for the rights of the downtrodden. A page turner from the great indian novel by shashi tharoor first page to the last, it will have you rolling on the floor in laughter, clutching your sides with its unsurpassed humour.


Gangaji initiates an experiment in eliminating sexual desire by inviting Sarah-behn to sleep in his bed. And then the painful realisation dawns: Shashi Tharoor could manage to fight assembly election on a Congress ticket! It aims to remain true to the original events, including characters such as Gandhi and Mountbatten but it also utilizes characters, incidents and issues from the Indian epic, the Mahabharata.

While this is an excellent the great indian novel by shashi tharoor, it does require an investment of time so I probably won’t be able to revisit it. It is at times positively lewd – some instances of crass humour got on my nerves. The Great Indian Novel greag a one-of-a-kind effort; a book that defies classification.

Gelabin “Gelabin” jndian anagram of “Bengali”. After the war ends, the Kaurava Party regains some power, but not enough to unseat the Muslim Group and the British punish those who sided with the Nazis.

The Great Indian Novel Summary

Shashi Tharoor’s merging of the Mahabharata and the story of India’s independence struggle has the potential, of course, to go horribly wrong. He has also coined a memorable comparison of India’s “thali” to the American “melting pot”: The recast can actually be said to flow both the great indian novel by shashi tharoor, and the story can be seen as a re-playing out of the drama of Mahabharata in the times of our freedom struggle with the Indian leadership of the time as the dramatis-personae.


Vidur assists the viceroy in making decisions related to the transfer of power. Sadly, few of my the great indian novel by shashi tharoor seem to know of it and that’s odd, since I teach English for a living.

Krishna advises Arjun to woo her through abduction. This story is based on the Mahabaratha, a classic epic of Indian mythologyand is quite a journey: Indira Gandhi was Duryodhan. Arjun and Krishna become close friends and Arjun falls for Krishna’s sister, Subhadra.

Counterpart to the Mahabharata ‘ s “Book of Drona. Arjun represents the quintessential Mediaperson of those days, Bhim – the Armyman and Krishna, I think is a reference to K Karunakaran, ex-Chief Minister of Kerala who was known for his bhakti towards Krishna. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The Great Indian Novel

Gandhi’s Great Salt March. Published 2 days ago.

Do it sharp, and do it quick! However, among all this strangeness of the characters, Mr. Counterpart to the Mahabharata ‘ s “Book of the Horse Sacrifice.

Shubhash Chandra Bosethe independence leader who, in contrast with Gandhi, took up arms against the British and accepted help from the Axis powers in establishing the Indian National Army. Super book and wonderful concept to juxtapose the independence movement with Mahabharata.