2 May In recent years, the De Re Militari of the Roman writer Vegetius, regarded in the Middle Ages as the authority on war, has increasingly drawn. A classic of the ancient world of warfare De Re Militari (Concerning Military Affairs), written in the 5th century by Vegetius and translated from the original Latin. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Essential.” Choice “The full story of Vegetius in the medieval era The De Re Militari of Vegetius Kindle Edition. by Christopher.

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Some soldiers, however, were allowed for the service of the praefects, tribunes and even of the other officers, our of the number of the accensi or such as were raised after the legion was complete. The eagle-bearers and the image- bearers are those who carry the eagles and images of vegehius Emperors.

The ninth has five hundred and fifty-five foot and sixty-six horse. The Princeps of the first cohort commanded a century and a half, that milltari, one hundred and fifty men, and kept in a great measure the general detail of the legion. The effect of the Lacedaemonian skill in dispositions for general actions appears evidently in the single instance of Xantippus, who assisted the Carthaginians vegefius the repeated ruin of their armies. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

The fourth consists of the same number of five hundred and fifty-five foot and sixty-six horse. Vegetkus of service or age alone will never form a military man, for after serving many years an undisciplined soldier is still a novice in vegetius de re militari profession. In wars of lesser importance they thought one legion with auxiliaries, that is, ten thousand vegetius de re militari and two thousand horse, sufficient. Several posts in the militar requiring men of some education, the superintendents of the militwri should select some vegetius de re militari for their skill in writing and accounts, besides the qualification to be attended to in general, such as size, strength and proper disposition for the service.


Malignant and fatal distempers proceed from this and can be avoided only by frequent changes of encampments. Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry These collections were kept in vegetius de re militari in the custody of the ensigns, chosen for their integrity and capacity, and answerable for the trust vegetius de re militari obliged to account with every man for his own proportion.

Xantippus took him prisoner and thus terminated the war by a single action. As to the situation, the army should never continue in the neighborhood of unwholesome marshes any length of time, or on dry plains or eminences without some sort of shade or shelter.

Access supplemental militai and multimedia. The new levies also should be taught by the masters at arms the system of drill called armatura, as it is still partly kept up among us. If surrounded on all sides by the enemy, you must make dispositions to receive them wherever they come, and the soldiers cegetius be cautioned beforehand to keep their arms in their hands, and to be ready in order to prevent the bad effects of a sudden attack.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. They vegtius affirmed to be the first who reasoned on the events of battles and committed their observations thereon to writing with such success as to reduce vegetius de re militari military art, before considered as totally dependent on courage or fortune, to certain rules and fixed principles.

This money was contained in ten bags, one veyetius each cohort.


The second cohort had five Centurions; and all the rest to the tenth inclusively the same number. For sometimes the common sort of people imagine they know what they really do not, and through ignorance promise more than they can perform.

But the case would be quite different, were they even heavier than they are, if by miliatri practice he had been accustomed to wear them. The ancients considered Sertorius’ vegetius de re militari in this point as vefetius of the most eminent of his vegetius de re militari qualifications. The military establishment consists of three parts, the cavalry, infantry and marine.


These are vegetius de re militari principal soldiers or officers distinguished by their rank and privileges thereto annexed. They supported for a long time the weight of all the wars and distinguished themselves so remarkably that the Emperors Diocletian and Maximian on their accession honored them with the titles of Jovian and Herculean and preferred them before all the other legions.

The present edition includes the first three books of Vegetius’ work, omitting only repetitions. Vegetius de re militari Ee words, Vegetius’ work suffered “a long period of deepening neglect”. Set up a giveaway. And though the legions do not place their principal dependence on them, yet they look on them as a very considerable addition to their strength.

De re militari | Open Library

The Lacedaemonians made war their chief study. They will acquit themselves well when they know it is impossible to escape and are certain of being rewarded for their fidelity or punished for their perfidy.

People Jean Priorat d. Teubneri Epitoma rei militaris. Epitoma rei militarisEpitoma institutorum rei militaris. The legion owes its success to its arms and machines, as well as to the number and bravery of its soldiers.

Vegetius de re militari the security of an expedition depends on the mi,itari of all motions from the enemy.


Circumspection in examining every place will be a security against concealed danger; and an ambuscade, if discovered and promptly surrounded, will return the intended mischief with interest.

They had also traveling workshops vegetius de re militari which they made shields, cuirasses, helmets, bows, arrows, javelins and offensive and defensive arms of all kinds. Every vegetius de re militari carried its ponton equipment, “small boats hollowed out of a single piece of cimber, with long cables or chains to fasten them together.