This is a series of dossiers taken from the Horizon Corp secure network on 10 of the more prominent members of Jackpoint and then posted to Jackpoint for. Fastjack downloaded the files on ten of our own that have full profiles. Personal Alerts [Tag: 10 Jackpointers] * Your “xpl0it3r” agent has 3 new messages for you. on ten of our own that have full profiles. [Tag: 10 Jackpointers]. Incoming. * Traveller Jones is giving a full tour of vehicles to get you through the strangest of .

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If this is just for reading, then it’s fine. Yeah, his nick begins with “Fast”. Yes, the statement of “if we stat it they will kill it” came up, but ultimately, we didn’t want to limit the writers in the future.

Mystic Freelancer Omae Posts: Shows how we can get some off impressions on them from just what we see on JackPoint. Dinendae Ace Runner Posts: Lyran responded by saying, ‘shut up,’ in a very joking manner. Don’t know where I’m getting that from. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: When the book for Hog Kong comes out forexample, they shuld have a few pages dedicated to Jackpointers and Street Legends that make Hong Kong their home or at least their main base of operations.


Fantasy Modern Urban Fantasy. I haven’t finished reading it. Get the scoop on Jackpoint-posters like Kay St. Teh other writers beat me to it. Riser’s stats will be published in an upcoming project. Isn’t he the original Echo Mirage team leader? Can’t confirm or deny, but if such a product s appeal to you, let the powers that be know.

Dumpshock Forums > New PDFs: 10 Jackpointers, Street Samurai Catalog, Fields of Fire

This is a “lo-fi” version of our main content. Each has a 2 or 3 page profile. No Shadowrun game stats are provided but gear is such as an individual has a data jack or commlink but not the stats. I’m up in the Everett area. If i had one little complaint it would be that there are no stat jackplinters for these guys. Now with Twice the Bastard!!

Jafkpointers try to win it. Also, I noticed on the intro screen, it pointed to a file called 30 Rides, any info on that? I’m good with that. As soon as you define him, he loses some of his power so to speak. Today we have two Shadowrun, Second Edition books for the street sam in all of us: As such, I would doubt another gets made but, hey, never know.

And the lessons men and women learn on those fields of fire can save their reputations-and their lives-in any combat situation. Not sure how well 10 JackPointers did, but I’d imagine it’s in similar dire territory. For what it’s worth, I’m all for leaving out stats for JackPointers and prime runners, that gives me the freedom as a GM to make them as powerful as they need to be to survive.


Add a copy to your collection. You can edit this page to create it. It’s about thirty rides. Method– Yeah, I forgot to fix it. They all Meant Things, but were big high muckety-muck stuff.


The book is cool as heck. To view the full version with more information, formatting and images, please click here. Help – Search – Members – Calendar. Point Based allocate points to get skills, powers, etc. New 10 Jackpointers 22 Replies Views.

Unless Lyran plays BattleTech. uackpointers

For bad things are about to happen. Angelone Ace Runner Posts: We also have a preview of the Table of Contents for 10 Jackpointers. One thing that would have made a big difference is that I would have liked stats other than TurboBunny’s, thankyou. Certainly I can improvise stats for these characters, but it would be helpful if they were pre-done.