The proposed amendments and adoptions of rules in Chapters 10A NCAC 13B Licensing of Hospitals and 10A NCAC 13C Licensing of. 10A NCAC 13B – General Requirements: Access and Safety. 10A NCAC 13B – Construction Requirements: Special Care Unit. 10A NCAC 13B MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS (a) Prior to occupancy of the facility, the facility shall obtain documentation verifying that all mechanical.

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31b plan of care shall become a part of the clinical record. These shall include but need not be limited to the following: The ncsc requirements of this Subchapter shall apply to such facilities except where they are specifically waived or modified by the rules of this Section. These policies and procedures shall cover at least the following areas:. Forms for collection of this data will be forward to each facility by the Division.


Administrative policies and procedures concerning food procurement, preparation, and service shall be written by the director of the nutrition and dietetic services.

December 1, ; Pursuant to G. Occupancies up to and including Four Stories. Hospitals with nursing facility beds with ventilator dependent care patients shall contract with a physician who is licensed to practice in North Carolina with Board Certification and who has specialized training in pulmonary medicine.

The facility shall designate an individual responsible for the administration and supervision of each rehabilitation service. If the director of nutrition and dietetic services is not a registered dietitian, there shall be an established method of communication between the director and the dietitian which ensures that the dietitian supervises the nutritional aspects of patient care and ensures that quality nutritional care is provided to patients.

This Rule does not apply to patients in licensed nursing facility beds since these individuals are granted rights pursuant to G. The laboratory shall be under the supervision of a clinical pathologist, or a physician who has training in clinical laboratory diagnosis designated by the governing body.

Clinical responsibility for the development and implementation of the plan shall be clearly designated. Areas not indicated as having continuous directional control may have ventilation systems shut down when space is unoccupied and ventilation is not otherwise needed.


A patient in a facility subject to this Rule has the following rights:. Generally, inspections will be conducted between the hours of 8: Competency evaluation shall be conducted in each of the following areas: In addition, facilities having patients requiring the use of ventilators for more than eight hours a day must meet the following requirements:.

When a facility elects to provide an outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program, the program shall be subject to 10 NCAC 3S, Sections. The facility shall identify the nursing skills necessary to meet the needs of the rehabilitation patients in the unit and assign staff qualified to meet those needs.

Where the written authorization of a patient is required for the release or disclosure of health information, the written authorization of the patient or authorized representative shall be maintained in the original record as authority for the release or disclosure.

Note that individual circumstances may require special consideration for air exhaust to outside, e. Nothing in these rules shall be construed as precluding the use of temperatures lower than those noted when the patients’ comfort and medical conditions make lower temperatures desirable. Appointments shall be recommended by the medical staff and approved by the governing body. The review process shall include both practitioners and allied health professionals from the facility staff.

January 1, ; Amended Eff.

Rule Actions

These policies and procedures shall be approved by the medical staff and include:. The facility or unit shall sign an agreement Memorandum of Understanding with mcac Department specifying these terms.

If a facility has a limited service as defined by the N.

Providing quantities of unit dose prescription drugs for subsequent administration is “dispensing”. Each patient’s interdisciplinary treatment plan shall be developed and implemented under the supervision of a rehabilitation physician.

The following definitions shall apply to inpatient rehabilitation facilities or units only:. Facilities with long term care units shall have at least a three week menu cycle in the long term care units. Once the IDAT 13h the suitability of the potential donor the IDAT shall discuss with the potential donor’s surgical team and transplant team its decision prior to its presentation to the potential donor.

Minimum components of the comprehensive treatment plan shall include diagnosis and time specific short and long term measurable goals, strategies for reaching goals, and staff responsibility for plan implementation.


February 1, ; Expired Eff. Inpatient rehabilitation facilities providing services to persons with traumatic brain injuries shall meet the requirements in this Rule in addition to those identified in this Section. Liver donors shall not at any time be cared for on any other unit unless a specific medical condition of the donor warrants such a transfer.

10q compromise obviously does not provide for ideal isolation.

NC DHSR: Hospital and Ambulatory Surgical Facility Rules

Informed consent must be obtained prior to actual participation in such a program and the patient or legally responsible party, may, at any time, refuse to continue in any such program to which he has previously given informed consent.

Test results shall be maintained in the facility maintenance files. These procedures shall require that: Dampers shall close upon activation of the fire alarm system unless a part of an engineered smoke control system.

The policies and procedures shall be reviewed by the medical staff at least every three years. The rules contained in this Section shall apply to all psychiatric and substance abuse services provided by any facility.

The prescriber shall be notified according to established policies and procedures at least 24 hours before an order is automatically stopped. The facility shall establish and maintain written policies and procedures that include but are not limited to:. Encourage donor to discuss with employer about medical leave or disability.

These policies shall be developed by the nutrition and dietetic services in cooperation with personnel from other departments or services which are involved with nutrition and dietetic services and they shall be reviewed at least every three years, revised as necessary, and dated to indicate the time of last review.

February 1, ; Temporary Amendment Eff. For live donor nephrectomy patients, there shall be continuous physician coverage available for patient evaluation as needed. Smoke dampers shall be 13 to the emergency position. This physician shall be responsible for respiratory services and shall:. The nutrition care manual shall be reviewed every three years, revised as necessary by a qualified dietitian, and approved jointly by the nutrition service and medical staff.