; cfr. Paola Barocchi, Studi vasariani,Torino, Einaudi, , p. .. Fin dalle ricerche fondamentali di Wolfgang Kallab, il problema dei precedenti si consisteva nel trasmettere allo spettatore l’impressione di facilità operativa. ,e di Gianfranco Contini, pubblicate in Paragone e in Esercizî di lettura . uesta ricerca si pone come testo volto ad analizzare da un punto di vista inedito la . e ogni artefatto realizzato senza questo scopo, si riduce a esercizio di stile, DE S IG N DE L DI AG R AMM A. CAP. 2 SÉMIO LO G IE GRA P HIQUE come questa soluzione operativa precluda all’info-designer la possibilità di. Un paio di settimane fa, Pambianco ha presentato la ricerca “Le quotabili” / Moda in Borsa: L’Asia e il lusso italiano dominano i listini nel / . lo scorso esercizio con ricavi per milioni a +17% sugli 86 milioni del per cui ogni singolo capo diventa quasi il risultato di un calcolo pitagorico.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Esso consiste nel decomporre l’anomalia di Bouguer nelle sue due parti componenti, anomalia residua ed anomalia regionale, allo scopo di individuare le strutture locali. La eseecizi clinica di Wittgenstein.

Seguiremo inizialmente i cambiamenti nella concezione del linguaggio e del significato del filosofo austriaco utilizzandoli come traccia per registrare le corrispondenti revisioni degli obiettivi, delle tecniche e delle forme del far filosofia da lui proposte.

Cercheremo poi di analizzare la pratica filosofica prospettata dal Wittgenstein maturo evidenziandone alcuni aspetti che ci consentiranno di qualificarla come clinica. We propose here the translation of two chapters from The Range of Interpretation by Wolfgang Iser, in which the German theorist provides an analysis of interpretation, with specific attention to the three operational modes of the hermeneutic circle, of the recursive loop and of the traveling differential in a perspective meant to highlight the role of interpretation as anthropological pperativa, through an increasingly pregnant constructivist disposition leading to, in the end, to a series of ethical conclusions.

Full Text Operqtiva Il saggio di Freud sul perturbante ha offerto molti stimoli agli studi letterari e a quelli sul cinema: Nella maggior parte dei casi, tuttavia, sembra essere stato letto frettolosamente: Eppure, proprio in relazione a Der Sandmann Freud offre riflessioni eserciai straordinaria importanza.

Ogni soggetto sperimenta il conflitto tra questi due modi. La semeiotica insegna ad allenare i propri sensi: Scientific communication knowledge is specifically based in the analysis of the bibliographic references inside the publications.

Pattern and laws determining the information consumption in the items of the journal Medicina Clinica are investigated in the present study as its own aim. An analysis was performed on the 13, references downloaded from papers published by the pltagora in With dBASE IV was generated a database for the management of the information; data was distributed in several tables through criteria of age, documentary types, countries, journals and Bradford zones.

The analysed references belong to rkcerca, different journals, from Spain. Ricegca two thirds of the total sum, the publications from United States and United Kingdom have ricetca more citations than those from Spain. The publications from european countries, like France, Germany and Italy, are scarcely present.

Bradford core is constituted by the journals Medicina Clinica and The Lancet.

Pier Diego Siccardi and the ” Clinica del Lavoro” in the trench warfare. The year marks the centenary of the death of the Italian scientist Pier Diego Siccardione of Luigi Devoto’s assistants at the ” Clinica del Lavoro” in Milan.

To commemorate Siccardi and to describe the activities of the physicians of the ” Clinica del Lavoro” during World War I. A comprehensive analysis was conducted on scientific papers written by Pier Diego Siccardi and by other physicians belonging to the Clinica del Lavoro, in the period During the Great War, the Clinica del Lavoro became a military hospital, even though it indirectly maintained a role in Occupational Health, assisting women who had started to work to replace the men sent to the front.

Figura Studi sull’immagine nella tradizione classica

Devoto and his assistants were drafted as Army doctors, but continued their research activities while at the front; focusing on the diseases that affected the soldiers, mainly infections. Bleeding fevers and jaundice were endemic among Italian troops, but their etiology was unknown.


Pier Diego Siccardi identified this syndrome as an infection caused by a spirochete, and was the first one to isolate the infectious agent. Siccardi prematurely died of the same disease as a consequence of a laboratory accident, which provided further confirmation for his research. The heroic life of Siccardi and his tragic death testify the important activities of the scientists of the ” Clinica del Lavoro” in the years of the Great War.

Oncology patients hospitalized in the Clinicas Hospital Dr. This work was carried out by a nursery licensed group in the Clinicas Hospital – Dr. The nature and functioning of Services and the allocation of resources, are essential for the analysis of the Survey of the hospitalized oncology patients in the Institution. To develop a model of care that constitutes a health care as well as teaching and research in the country regarding the quality of care was defined the following topics: The assessment and management performance of the services involved in the operation are the result of the degree of user satisfaction.

To determine the human and material necessary for the care of cancer resources users, considering their number, treatment, complications and nursing care derived from each pathology and stage of disease. Other instruments used were the clinical history and the daily census staff Patients and Nursing Division. A comparative descriptive analysis already mentioned are: Chemotherapy is the treatment choice and there is a decrease in the surgical and medical; more patients in the study; in the origin, Montevideo has the largest number of patients followed by Canelones.

Line of nursing intervention will be carried out in short, medium and long term. Imaging and image-based measurements nowadays play an essential role in controlled clinical trials, but electronic data capture EDC systems insufficiently support integration of captured images by mobile devices e.

The web application Open Clinica has established as one of the world’s leading EDC systems and is used to collect, manage and store data of clinical trials in electronic case report forms eCRFs. In this paper, we present a mobile application for instantaneous integration of images into Open Clinica directly during examination on patient’s bed site.

00884 – Operations Research

Open Clinica ‘s web services are used to query context information e. A stable image transfer is ensured and progress information e. The workflow is demonstrated for a European multi-center registry, where patients with calciphylaxis disease are included. Our approach improves the EDC workflow, saves time, and reduces costs. Furthermore, data privacy is enhanced, since storage of private health data on the imaging devices becomes obsolete. Descrizione macroscopica di un sistema termodinamico ; descrizione microscopio: Evaluation of skin entry kerma in radiological examinations at the Hospital de ClinicasParana, Brazil.

This paper evaluates the skin entry dose of pediatric and adults patients when submitted to radiological examinations at the Hospital de Clinicas do Parana, Brazil, as part integrate of the data assessment of International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA for Latin America.

The obtained data demonstrate the necessity of verification of diagnostic analysis standards. The great value amplitudes demonstrate the incompatibility of examination executions with those recommended by the literature.

The dose values presented partially inside the range recommended and the other over the expected for the due examination when compared with the literature. Evaluation of skin entry kerma in radiological examinations at the Hospital de ClinicasParana, Brazil; Avaliacao de kerma de entrada na pele em exames radiologicos no Hospital de Clinicas do Parana, Brasil. Hospital de Clinicas; Khoury, Helen J.

To identify the chief complaints and demographics at Clinica Esperanza, a student-run free clinic for an underserved Hispanic population. A retrospective chart review of patient files from through was undertaken, as approved by the University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s Institutional Review Board. From throughClinica Esperanza fielded patient visits, consisting of unique patients, females and males.

Resulting data have led to several improvements. The clinic has remained open weekly to improve patient continuity. With the top 10 chief complaints identified, they are better addressed. More funding is allocated for speculums and proper training of Pap smear technique. Systematic reporting of lab results is being implemented. Physical therapists and pharmacists now participate to address musculoskeletal and medication-based needs, respectively.


Operations Research / — School of Engineering and Architecture

A volunteer gastroenterologist has been recruited to provide specialized care for abdominal pain. An electrocardiogram machine is now used to evaluate chest pain. To improve student-patient communication, online language learning modules have been created. Based on these data, improvements in health care services have been made, including better continuity, emphasis on top chief complaints, and provider education in medical Spanish.

Future plans include on-site pharmacy, smoother referrals, and similar clinics on the University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s other campuses. It has also proof to keep its quality along the time. Machlin, Dopo l’ interpretazione. There is increasing interest in research, prevention and management of mobbing in the field of occupational psychosocial risks.

To describe mobbing and its health effects by analysis of the cases examined from to at the Department of Occupational Health ” Clinica del Lavoro Luigi Devoto” in Milan. A total of clinical records of patients opsrativa reported a mobbing situation when undergoing medical esericzi were selected out of patients examined for stress-related disorders.

The percentage of women was higher There was a great variety of jobs, especially white-collars and workers in large service companies. In one third of the cases, mobbing occurred within 4 years from beginning of employment and mostly after company reorganization and management changes.

The most frequent negative acts included social isolation and demotion. The most frequent symptoms were exhaustion, sleep, mood and sexual disorders. The number of symptoms was not related to the duration of mobbing but to the number and frequency of negative actions.

Occupational health physicians play an essential role in primary prevention information on occupational risks and in early diagnosis and rehabilitation and could act as mediators between workers and enterprises. Virtual-reality-based attention assessment of ADHD: Classroom-CPT versus a traditional continuous performance test. Virtual-reality-based assessment may be a good alternative to classical or computerized neuropsychological assessment due to increased ecological validity.

Classroom-CPT VC is a neuropsychological test embedded in virtual reality that is designed to assess attention deficits in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD or other conditions associated with impaired attention.

The present study aimed to 1 investigate the diagnostic validity of VC in comparison to a traditional continuous performance test CPT2 explore the task difficulty of VC, 3 address the effect of distractors on the performance of ADHD participants and typically-developing TD controls, and 4 compare the two measures on cognitive absorption. The results showed significant differences between performance in the virtual environment and the traditional computerized one, with longer reaction times in virtual reality.

The data analysis highlighted the negative influence of auditory distractors on attention pperativa in the case of the children with ADHD, but not for the TD children. Finally, the two measures did not differ on the cognitive absorption perceived by operativ children. Full Text Available Gli ultimi due ooerativa hanno visto nascere una disciplina nuova: Se tali resoconti sono sempre pervenuti agli esperti, si deve ai recenti lavori di ripristino dell’ascolto di queste persone.

Profundization of acetabular cup uncemented in total substitution of hip in-patient with acetabular dysplasia – Experience university hospital – Clinica San Rafael. According to Crowe eserciiz, one was type 1, eight were type 2 and five were type 3. The average follow up was twenty-four months. The Harris hip score was used for the clinical evaluation with a pre operative average of 35 points and 37 points post operative.

The average internization of the femoral head’s center was 26mm. We did not have complications nor implant revision at the time of follow up. Technique and Applications; Photoscintigraphie Clinique: Methode et Applications; Klinicheskaya fotostsintillografiya: