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The generic name “[thermionic] valve” used in the UK derives from the unidirectional current flow allowed by the earliest device, the thermionic diode emitting electrons from a heated filament, by analogy with a non-return valve in a water pipe.

Diodes can therefore be used in a DC power supplyas a demodulator of amplitude modulated AM radio signals and for similar functions. In tuge s the invention of semiconductor devices made it possible to produce solid-state devices, which are smaller, more efficient, reliable and durable, and cheaper than thermionic tubes.

Retrieved 3 November Air is blown through an array of fins attached to the anode, thus cooling it. This increased reliability also made mid-cable amplifiers in submarine cables possible. Early tubes used a metal or glass envelope atop an insulating bakelite base.

36LW6 GE Lindal Vacuum Tube Valve Audio Radio Vintage Amplifier Electron 6lw6

X-ray tubes are used in medical imaging among other uses. Additional electrodes create tetrodespentodesand so forth, which have multiple additional functions made possible by the additional controllable electrodes. This disproportionate resistance caused them to temporarily operate with heater voltages well above their ratings, and shortened their life.

A cold-cathode version of the thyratron, which uses a pool tuve mercury for its cathode, is called an ignitron ; some can switch thousands of amperes. Subminiature tubes were produced using wire leads rather than sockets, however these were restricted to rather specialized applications.

36LW6 GE Lindal Vacuum Tube Valve Audio Radio Vintage Amplifier Electron 6lw6 | eBay

Please enter a valid ZIP Code. Any international shipping is paid in part to Electton Bowes Inc. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. People who viewed this item also viewed. Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a new window or tab Add to watch list. A power supply using a transformer with several windings, one or more rectifiers which may themselves be vacuum tubestubee large filter capacitors provided the required direct current voltages from the alternating current source.


In consumer equipment, a glowing plate is universally a sign of an overloaded tube. With a small amount of residual gas, some of those atoms may ionize when struck by an electron and create fields that adversely affect the tube characteristics. In general, vacuum tubes are much less susceptible than corresponding solid-state components to transient overvoltages, such tubs mains voltage surges or lightning, the electromagnetic pulse effect of nuclear explosions[45] or geomagnetic storms produced by giant solar flares.

It was only years later that John Ambrose Fleming utilized the rectifying hube of the diode tube dlectron detect demodulate radio signals, a substantial improvement on the early cat’s-whisker tuube already used for rectification. Directly heated cathode tubes continued to be widely used in battery-powered equipment as their filaments required considerably less power than the heaters required with indirectly heated cathodes.

Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. Compare this to the behavior of the bipolar junction transistorin which the controlling signal is a current and the output is also a current.

Archived from the original on 15 April Larger amounts of residual gas can create a self-sustaining visible glow discharge between the tube elements. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. The exact mechanism is not clear: The getter being a highly reactive metal is effective against many atmospheric gases, but has no electrob very limited chemical reactivity to inert gases such as helium.

Thus, a few volt difference at the grid would make a large change in the plate current and could lead to a much larger voltage change at the plate; electroh result was voltage and power amplification. Tigerstedt’s innovation was to make the electrodes concentric cylinders with the cathode at the centre, thus greatly increasing the collection of emitted electrons at the anode.


Learn more – opens in new window or tab. There are 20 items available. The heater’s failure mode is typically a stress-related fracture of the tungsten wire or at a weld point and generally occurs after accruing many thermal power on-off cycles. Early gettered tubes used electrn getters, and electdon tubes are easily identifiable, as the phosphorus leaves a characteristic orange or rainbow deposit on the glass.

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The filament, no longer electrically connected to the tube’s electrodes, became simply known as a “heater”, and could as well be powered by AC without any introduction of hum. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding combined shipping. A photomultiplier is a phototube whose sensitivity is greatly increased through the use of electron multiplication.

Consequently, higher voltage gains from a single tube became possible, reducing the number of tubes required in many circuits. The requirements for heat removal can significantly change the appearance of high-power vacuum tubes.

No additional import charges at delivery! The ” acorn tube ” named due to its shape was also very small, as was the metal-cased RCA nuvistor fromabout the size of a thimble. High-power rectifiers use mercury vapor to achieve a lower forward voltage drop than high-vacuum tubes.

A modern display technology using a variation of cathode ray tube is often used in videocassette recordersDVD players and recorders, microwave oven control panels, and automotive dashboards. Inas a result of experiments conducted on Edison effect bulbs imported from the United States, he developed a device he called an “oscillation valve” because it passes current in only one direction.

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Early sets used a grid bias battery or “C” battery which was connected to provide a negative voltage.