A Blizzard & Night of Firsts. Artist: jaguar. Теги: big breasts big penis blowjob face group rimjob hairy. A Blizzard & Night of Firsts. 0%(0/0). + A BLIZZARD & THE NIGHT OF FIRSTS An illustrated story.. the first of its kind at JABcomix! 18 yr old male virgin caught in a blizzard stumbles upon a cabin. JAB Comix Siterip () – A Blizzard & Night of Firsts. Categories: Western A Blizzard & Night of Firsts_Page_ [Write if you have.

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It was definitely a struggle bkizzard keep my cock down. It had looked like that this happened by accident as her hand flailed out while she rolled over, but I had a feeling she had done this on purpose.

Select new blizzsrd avatar: It was then, that Cat did a complete turn onto her side to face me, but as she did the back of her hand touched my penis momentarily and ran across my thigh.

I didn’t do anything for the moment; I wanted to see what she would do. Sophia and I had returned to lying on our backs, with my right arm wrapped around her left arm.

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No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. It was at that moment that slight pangs of anxiety crippled the top half of my body. I tried to say hello, but the cold must have affected firrsts throat because only a whisper came out.

And that’s her friend Alana. I felt a surge of relief, knowing that the hut would probably save my life. I realized I was caught in a blizzard, but I was inexperienced in dealing with them. As you would call Sophia beautiful and Cat extremely cute, I guess you would call Alana exceptionally pretty.


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On one occasion she had repositioned herself and I was fairly sure that my penis lightly touched her behind, which was very close to making me hard. There had been several times during the half-hour, which went quite quick mind you, when my arm had ‘accidentally’ risen from Cat’s flat stomach and had rested below her breasts, which were radiating a sensual rhe.

The snow was now pounding down and I was finding it difficult to see. She looked fairly young. My left hand was supposed to lie on her stomach, but unintentionally I had placed it a bit lower and the tips of my fingers were touching the top of her pubic hair nighf and best of all, she did not seem to realize it.

While she hung her jacket up in blizzarx closet, I had a complete view of the back of her entirely naked body. She was, after all, younger than me, so maybe she was just as inexperienced and sexually innocent as me. I sighed deeply and stared back up at the ceiling listening to the storm that sounded like it firssts still going strong.

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At that point, I was not nervous and was quite confident of making my way back to the lodge without much trouble. You are probably the coldest, so you can go in the middle.


Never in my life had I seen such a perfect ass not that I had seen any type of ass before — except maybe in the odd strip club. The terrain was unfamiliar and there was a distinct lack of stable ground. Sophia then blew my mind and caught me off guard, “The temperatures in the cabin are as cold as they have ever been. It was somewhat odd though because I was in no way a nerd or was in no way socially awkward. Still, the lack of sexual interaction probably came down to the fact that my standards may have been too high at times and on the other times I lacked the confidence to make the transition from casual flirting to a spontaneous and probably clumsy kiss.

It was awesome to have one of the most beautiful girl’s I had ever seen in my arms, naked. Another hour had passed and I now realized I was lost. Her hair was brushed up against my face.

Her lips were pink and her nose was small and slightly upturned. I was 18 years old and had still never even been kissed. Her hair noght around her flawlessly milky shoulders and possibly because of her size, she looked the youngest and the most innocent. I needed some time alone and so took it upon myself to go for a lovely afternoon cross country mountain trek.