Acharya S, also known as D.M. Murdock, is an independent scholar of French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and a smattering of other languages to. A Tribute to the Life and Work of DM Murdock aka Acharya S Murdock was proficient in English, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, German. The latest Tweets from Religion and History (@AcharyaS). Acharya S/DM Murdock writes about the history of religion & mythology, including ‘The Christ.

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Acharya S/D.M. Murdock passed away December 25th,

I know, I spoke with her about why she was just concentrating on Christianity and Islam and not Judaism. Keep on, then, with your magic spells and with your many sorceries, which you have labored at since childhood. Radical critics count all of the Byzantine manuscripts as a variant.

Murdock also claims that the Bible is favorable towards divination. Nobody benefits from a spanking great lie taking hold in any area of public life, least of all those deluded by aacharya.

A Refutation of Acharya Sā€™s book, The Christ Conspiracy

To this extent we are all poorer for her passing. And he was, indeed, off in the city paying taxes, although this was just after Krishna was born. You discount her views and research, but hold to yours which feebly come from one book, admittedly patched together by those who most stood to gain from them. Retrieved March 12, Benjamin Walker in his book, The Hindu World: They killed missionaries ā€” but their wives forgave them, went back to those murderers, and told them about Jesus ā€” and entire tribes repented and now the murderer of the husbandis one of the most happy individuals and even embraces and does missionary work with the very women whose husband he killed!

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Now, there was about this time Jesus, a wise man, if it be lawful to call him a man, for he was a doer of wonderful works ā€” a teacher of such men as receive the truth with pleasure. In this passage, the moon-worshippers and astrologers are clearly not the Hebrews, but the Babylonians whom God is saying He is about to destroy! It is literally how people in the Middle Ages did historical studies, when only an eyewitness counted!

No attempts will be made to defend the Christian worldview. D’s who haven’t come close to the scholarship in Who Was Jesus?

A Refutation of Acharya S’s book, The Christ Conspiracy – Risen Jesus, Inc.

I prefer hard print that I can then research easily. Acharya S might have been one such.

I felt she epsaol doing a lot of malicious damage with her blind rage at christianity. Why is it that Justin does not cite the Gospels when defending the deity of Christ?

Book 20, Section I wish someone could tell us something about her personally. You Are Being Lied To: All the Variants She says that there are aboutvariants in the manuscripts of the New Testament.

Neither God Nor Man, page He responded that we know that people were worshipping Krishna as god in the fifth century maybe sixth century B. What would you do? But there was no one. Krishna devotion is certainly available to the poor, and there are statements which directly favour them. Funeral arrangements are private and there are no calling hours.


How well this sold I do not know, but it certainly attracted attention, and material from it has continued to circulate.

Acharya S/D.M. Murdock passed away December 25th, 2015

Careless Readings Many of her claims reflect a careless reading of the text. However, there is nothing more than that in terms of evidence. MurdockAcharya S. Yes, indeed, now she knows. This is also how prominent Hebrew dictionaries understand it.

He has been described by the historian F. However, at the same time it struck me as hyper critical. The Christ Conspiracy, pp. He makes more than quotations from the books of the Old Testament, and nearly one hundred from the Apocryphal books of the New Testament; but none from the four Gospels.

The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver May 21, Josephus, Judaism, and Christianity Detroit: Perhaps no one cited this passage because there were no occasions when it would have been helpful.

Occasionally, I have added comments found in brackets. Murdock who does not provide any reasons as to why these passages should be rejected.

The bishop did not tend to use quotations from his source text, but rather made allusions to Matthean episodes and concepts. Murdock has gained expertise in several religions, as well as knowledge about other esoterica and mystical subjects. Murdock has also written Christ in Egypt: