Salad greens are a staple in daily meals. From sandwiches, as a side, and, often, with a handful of other ingredients as a full meal, salad. Growing your own lettuce indoors with an Aerogarden Purchase a seed kit and follow the instructions to plant it. Add water when the water. : AeroGarden Salad Greens Mix Seed Pod Kit (7-Pod): Vegetable 3) Growing Guide with step-by-step instructions; For use in all AeroGardens.

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Or, try Chinese cabbage in soups. Hydroponic media range from clay pebbles to gravel to peat-based sponges to systems that have almost no media, like raft hydroponics or the AeroGarden. All the nutrients tend to gather to one side or the other so giving it a solid shaking before use is crucial. I fell in love at first glance. One day when I was looking up the details about how to grow garlic I stumbled upon the concept of the Aerogarden!

Does anyone know when they changed this? This is important because it is a 2 week timer. The Aerogardner New post: In the instructions I instruftions, it explained to press the reset button to reset the water and nutrient timers.

We move from too cold to too hot almost overnight.

The first thing we decided to research was the soil. Within 5 aerpgarden I had reset the entire memory on my Aerogarden so it now believes AG1 is back at its germination stage.

Aerogarden Newbie’s E-mail Updates! So, not knowing the purpose of those supports I removed them to allow the pods to sit properly. Big lights like HPS or metal halide tend to run too hot and the color spectrum tends toward the red, which causes lettuce to bolt. Adding Water AG Pro AeroGardens all grow greens well, but for highest output, always use one of our Ultra or Extra gardens. Just intsructions I was about to call customer service I saw another one begin to sprout.


Current AeroGarden pods available include:.

So You Think You Want An Aerogarden? | Let Me Tell You…

How aerogarcen the Aerogarden work? Lettucw custom kit choice lets you grow all our varieties to see which ones you like best, or create your own custom mixes. Arugula, grown on your desktop can make a wickedly spicy snack in the middle of the afternoon. The soil we had in our backyard was very bad for gardening. Not to mention, I was always taught that mint was a weed. Salad greens are a staple in daily meals.

Growing Salad Greens in an Indoor Garden | AeroGarden Blog

At this point I start the water running in the bowl by plugging it in, and getting the sponges completely wet. Cut the pack along the dotted line and add to the water basin. Now you are caught up with my little back story I hope to be able to share my aerogardeh, triumphs, mistakes, and stories with you on this journey. Please feel free to leave comments below. If you know the exact terminology for the sponge please feel free to comment below.

You can over sand aeroyarden soil, but you can plant directly into compost. The pods come in the container in the order where you should place them into the garden. AG2 looks like it is struggling a little bit. I know that I would appreciate to hear your stories and learn from someone a little more savvy about this than I.


Do any of you know what to do in this scenario? So we turned to the internet. Growing greens at home, all year round is so much better than store-bought for a variety of reasons. The best known medium is, of course, dirt. You knew it would happen sooner or later. With her interest in gardening I knew it was a shoe in.

Growing Salad Greens in an Indoor Garden

A final advantage to letutce is letuce the ease of watering. If you are an Aerogarden Enthusiast, leave your story in the comments below. Soon, one by one they began showing their delicate little heads. However I failed to either observe or comply. It was my purchase of the Aerogarden that really got me thinking about my approach to traditional gardening which we can cover in a later post.

Upon close inspection it looks like they will be sprouting very soon so I will give it a couple more days.

April 11, Leave a comment. It extends harvest periods for months! How to Grow Salad Greens Indoors For maximum yields of fresh greens in your indoor garden, pay attention to four key factors: This will become aerogaeden later after I tell you about my Newbie mistake this week.