The Agranat Commission was a national inquiry commission established on Its Intermediate Report was published on April 1st , focusing on the reasons. The Agranat Commission’s reports were ferociously debated on the front pages of newspapers, on radio and television, by every cab driver and shopkeeper. Agranat Commission investigation and reports regading the Yom Kippur war.

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This was a critical error that was responsible for the loss of many lives. The assessment is that it was information that Jordan ‘s King Hussein gave Meir during their meeting a day earlier, a meeting about Syria and Egypt’s intent to start war. Military intelligence also thought that Syria would only attack if Egypt did.

The idea of the fixation on an incorrect conception did not originate with the Agranat Commission. However in modern Hebrew there is no detectable difference in standard pronunciation of taf with or without a dot, and therefore Histadruth and Histadrut, Rehovoth and Rehovot are all acceptable. For example, on 1 October and again on 3 OctoberLieutenant Benjamin Siman Yovorder of battle intelligence officer for the Southern Command, gave his superior Lt Colonel Gadalia documents indicating Egypt’s war preparations.

In Arabic there are several commissio that have similar sounds. Its headline recommendation was the dismissal of four senior officers in military intelligence: Accordingly, Elazar resigned in April of Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In that year, which marked the twentieth anniversary of the war, the newspaper demanded that the government declassify the contents of the report about which the public was most curious. These discoveries led to the swift enactment of Basic Law: Add to this the various accounts that were published in Arab countries, and the constant reinterpretation that is demanded by the perspective of time, the confusion caused by the clouding of memories and deaths of some of the protagonists.

Inthis special committee, spearheaded by Chairman Justice Yitzhak Engelhard, has gradually approved the publication of about fifty testimonies, which have attracted substantial public interest. Former Prime Minister Golda Meir didn’t know that the “special means” that should aggranat given notice of an upcoming threat weren’t working; she trusted the generals and IDF Intel assessments, which turned out to be wrong, and talked about the sources that warned of a war and went unheeded.

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Among other things, this phase of the report focused on disciple in the units and in the emergency warehouse. History in the Public Courtroom: These failed in that they gave a completely inadequate warning to the IDF. Had the Israeli crossing towards the canal realized the military objective of Israel?

I couldn’t get a logical answer,” Yadin comkission. After the warning was rpeort, on the morning of Yom Kippur, the regular armored force did not deploy on the Suez canal front, and no clear order was given to the head of the Southern Command General Gonenregarding how to deploy to meet the expected attack. On July 10,a second interim report was issued.

The Agranat Commission

Thus, Hatiqva is preferable to Hatikva for example. A professor of law, Pnina Lahav has published nearly 50 journal articles and books, including the critically acclaimed Judgment in Jerusalem: Particular criticism relates to its exoneration of the country’s political leadership, especially Defense Minister Dayan.

Committee member, former Chief of General Staff Yigael Yadinasked Meir invasive questions, compared to other members, who defended her. Mossad tried to kill Saddam in the s.

In Abba Eban ‘s words “The conclusions The Agranat Commission evaded a discussion of the ministerial authority that is, their responsibilities as ministers in the government, rather than their responsibility to the particular portfolio they held, and put the entire blame for the failure on the military level.

Back to main page: The official published version of the Agranat report lists three factors responsible for the “Mechdal” failure. Published on 1 Aprilthe Interim Report caused a sensation. Zionism and Israel – Encyclopedic Dictionary.

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The conclusions of the report inspired the creation of an advisor to the Prime Minister on intelligence matters, and of a special AMAN military intelligence unit tasked with the creation of a situation evaluation that is the opposite of the accepted one.

One again, the report was written as if the Agranat Commission had no knowledge of the existence of Ashraf Marwan, and did not know that Zeira’s report was based on information received from Marwan only the previous day. New Yom Kippur War testimony details the failures. The third and final Agranat Report, which the Commission submitted to the government and the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on January 30,covers 1, pages and is divided into seven volumes.


As Israel marks 40 years since its traumatic war, all eyes are on Syria and its chemical weapons. Likewise the Agranat Commission determined that “It is essential that the Prime Minister have access to policy, military and other evaluations that are collated and based on different points of view and do not come from a singe pipeline. Gordon, Samuel, 30 Hours in October: The Agranat Commission determined that Shmuel Gonen Gorodish “Did not properly fulfill his duties and he is responsible in large part of the dangerous situation in which our forces were caught.

The Commission issued the interim report. For example, a soldier who becomes accustomed in time of peace not to observe the minor rules, such as in matters of personal appearance, without being alerted to this failure by his superior officer, will in the end be negligent in carrying out operational orders.

In the absence of any upgrading of Egypt’s air force, the directorate concluded there was no threat of imminent war.

Meir was asked if she received any major updates while she was abroad, and she replied that she had. From their adherence to the doctrine of the conceptions and their willingness to excuse the deployment of the enemy along the front lines, which was unprecedented in its size On 31 Decemberelections that had been delayed by the agranst took place. What about the reality of the American airlift?

In Hebrew, a chaf can never occur at the beginning of a word. Likuda new political party, comjission 39 seats in the Knesset.

Meir criticized the defense minister. Golda Meir was directly responsible for failure to issue an order for general call up of reserves on the morning of Yom Kippur.