*AIMCAT hits the ground today.* *It is an Uninvigilated AIMCAT to be held from 4th to 8th June, # Please update you actual scores in the Poll. We have AIMCAT starting up tomorrow Use this thread to discuss all about (Scores, Read posts, connect with users. (Page 30). F – 00 _RJEZMTU_ Aimcat pdf download -?? CIS – Web Development for Educators CIS HTML Tutorials 3 & 4.

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In case you have made mistakes, then attempt them again. They are not given in the time material. So do not leave a question just because you categorized it as difficult.

AIMCAT 1315 – Season 2012-13 ( Please don’t open if you have not taken the test )

The point ginni, is that instead of looking for probability, we suggest you prepare for the Q typr. I make the most mistakes in paragraph jumbling questions. Which questions did you get stuck at and why?

Your preparation for CAT is akin to running on a treadmill- you have to keep running to stay where you are. Otherwise you will have to be prudent with your attempts. Aimcat Analysis is done objectively without the knowledge of results as it would then become a biassed one. You must look at the origin of the word besides its meaning, that gives you a story to be associated with that word.

Then refer to the oxford advanced learner’s dictionary and note down the meaning along with an example sentence. It is just a question of mind over matter. That is a call that you should take shubhrans, based on your ability to switch between topics and the time available on hand every day. And what can I say but – where there is a well there is a way: In last, I scored 79 percentile and in this aimmcat Want to look for some other book along with Time material.?


Dear Saurabh, 1 Choose the best R. Try to write and speak as correctly as possible. There is no maximum cap.

F – 00 _RJEZMTU_

You will only get better with honest and determined preparation. How to improve on this? Refer to the chat transcript.

You are not expected to be aimmcat expert, but definitely not a novice either. Gud evening,could u please let me know how to increase speed in questions like para jumbling ,and other verbal ques.

AIMCAT 1315:Discussion Thread

Sir, out of the 6 mocks so far, I’ve scored above 99 percentile in 4, including the aicmat. Garima, please a mail to info time4education. In RCs it is very important you understand the content and the purpose of the passage before moving to questions. That will inevitably 1351 the best possible end result. Once you think you have got a hang of it, then attempt the questions from the aimcats held thus far. So it is advisable to do individual Qs at the end. With 3 months aicmat go how exactly should i study 4 section 1?

But you will have to back that up with quality time dedicated for CAT prep daily. Continue to read as a great reading habit will help you do well in this entire section. This approach is better than mechanically solving questions.

Reading Comprehension will appear tough if you do not have a reading habit. You must use all your reading, writing and speaking as practical applications of the grammar and vocab that you learn.


It is a fair indication of your ability to select the right questions and also of the gaps in your preparation you need to address. I was browsing through various websites and found them.

Chat Transcript

Answered a similar query, plz chk the transcript. Spend a few days on solving geometry problems and you should be confident. CAT is not a vocab based test. Because i scored well in and rather poorly in The ajmcat you get are a reflection of your efforts. Also sometimes it feels v difficult to juggle between CAT and College studies.!

DO not spend time mugging up the meanings of difficult words. You need not wait for a chapter to be covered in the class for you to attempt a question from the chapter. The negatives are increasing day by day. Could you please suggest some methods by which I could improve? Practise each type of questions aimcta the material you have including the online sectional tests.

Sir, I have been consistently scoring bad in section 1. Read articles from “The Economist” and check how the last sentences of paragraphs are framed just for practice. Hi, it is certainly possible. When you appear for an AIMCAT, invigilated or otherwise, you should iamcat your state of mind to a level where nothing around you should matter.