Below is the text in English of the Akritas Plan, written by Polykarpos Yiorgadjis at the end of November , with the constitutional crisis on. And what could anyone say about the Akritas plan? Instead of the leader of the newly created state being a messenger of freedom, generosity, democracy and. The AKRITAS organisation started planning a different future for. Cyprus. Apart from military plans a general plan for the extermination of. Turkish Cypriots was.

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If a way could be found to dissolve the treaties legally, Union with Greece would be possible. The way I see it, the only way for any Cypriots to stay independent is for the reunification of the Island.


It is therefore obvious that if we hope to have any chance of success internationally in our above actions, we cannot and must not reveal or declare the various stages of akritaz struggle before the previous one is completed. In any case I have written it here for Cypriots of all ethnic roots, not for tourists full of bile and hate for their host country as is the usual case here on CM. Ina Greek Cypriot paramilitary organization called EOKA declared a rebellion of the entire Greek population except for the communists of the island to expel the British forces from the island and unite with Greece on the ground of self-determination of the inhabitants, and launched an armed struggle to achieve this aim, called enosis.

We shall attempt to justify unilateral action for constitutional amendments once the efforts for a common agreement are excluded.

Also promoting acts of violence against our users are grounds to a ban. Our Plan would provide them with the possibility of putting forward accusations to the akritxs that the aims of our leadership are not national and that only the amendment of the Constitution is envisaged.

He claimed that, in accordance to the plan, ELDYK troops should have taken action, which was not the case and led to Georgadjis shouting “traitors! Our national problem must be viewed in the light of developments which take place and conditions that arise from time to time, and measures to be taken, as well as their implementation and timing, must olan in keeping with the internal and external political conditions.

Our activities in the internal field will be regulated lpan to their repercussions and to interpretations to be plna to them in the world and according to the effect of our actions on our national cause. IF and Assumptions do not generate the funds for upfront. The Greek invasion of July which we hypocritically and misleadingly refer to as a coup — another forgery akrjtas history and the Turkish invasion in the same month, despite being consequences and not causes of the Cyprus issue, undeniably have added another tragic text to the narrative of our problem.


Turkey is surrounded by enemies on all borders and within by there is the Kurdish problem, all 15 million of them. They must also have the authorisation of either the Leader or the Deputy Leader who must approve the text. One of two things is happening here: After NovemberMakarios understood — at long last — that Enosis was not feasible and in the following year the Clerides-Denktash negotiations began with the aim of reaching a new agreement based on independence.

I will try to explain. I am done with you. Loucas is correct in pointing out the folly of this since it was exactly what the Turkish wanted our lot to do. We care little for Greece or the church for that matter and despise the constant efforts by those that airitas to re-enslave the Cypriot mindset as being Greek first and Cypriot second. People are perfectly capable of feeding their own children with their own money once they have it to spend and they will not have to go to food banks — as you so caringly say.

I say this, Turkish troops might displace GC from their properties in north. Most of the foreign representatives have been convinced that the solution given was neither fair nor satisfactory, that it was signed under pressure and without real negotiations and that it was imposed under various threats.

Otherwise, the people would have definitely approved the Agreements in the atmosphere that prevailed in Makarios, Polikarpos Yorgacis,Grivas and Clerides. Capital Projects will be undertaken by the State Are you really saying that the ROC with a very small population can undertake huge and technical demanding projects. I thinking that you are getting confused between nationality and Ethnic Groups.

Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. James 28 November A Historical Introduction’, in C. It ever reached 24 on your figures. Respond logically please as you have touched a topic of technical validity.

A power sharing constitution was created for the new Republic of Cyprus which included both Turkish and Greek Cypriots holding power in Government. Very well said, Philippos Stylianou. It was made public in In fact by the time that the 40 years of compensation is paid by the Turkish Cypriots qkritas their mainland masters there is nothing left.

EACH individual will receive the same amount irrespective of age. I only wish they had all been that much wiser when it was required of them both. Any incidents that may take place will be met, at the beginning, in a legal fashion by the legal Security Forces, according to a plan.


At no stage should we xkritas the need to enlighten, and to face the propaganda and the reactions of those who cannot or should not know our plans. Actions to be taken are as follows: A Greek Cypriot newspaper, ”Patris”, published the details of this plan for genocide in April until which time the document had remained a well-kept secret.

At least Charalambous has acknowledged this folly and to his credit he openly criticizes the perpetrators of these tragic events. In addition why would it be olan to give large families a higher dividend than a single person.

Akritas plan

Do we have a chance? You must be joking, but I am used to this here by now! Surely the substance here is the acknowledgement by Loucas Charalambous of the catastrophic consequences of the Akritas plan and its counterpart, the TC plan?

As the final objective remains unchanged, what must be dwelt upon is the method to be employed towards attaining that objective. What they do with the money they are entitled to is their business,but I am sure that the Cypriot sense of family loyalty will be their guide to a large extent.

Why dwell solely on the Akritas plan? – Cyprus Mail

If we do our work well and justify the attempt we shall make under stage a above, we will see, on the one hand, that intervention will not be justified and, on the other hand, we will have every support since, by the Treaty of Guarantee, intervention cannot take place before negotiations take place between the Guarantor Powers, that plsn, Britain, Greece, and Turkey.

Alas the bill we were called to pay for this dangerous living between and was excessively high. I personally find it ridiculous. Outside the verbal enlightenment of our members, all our activities, and our publications in the press in particular, must be most restrained and must not divulge any of the above.

If they were given a chance to speak, they would explain that the Cyprus problem came into being in the s and that its root cause akritaa not the Turkish invasion but the undermining of the independent state by us, who remained fixated on Enosis.