Abu al-Hasan Ali Ibn Muhammad Ibn Habib al-Mawardi known in Latin as Alboacen ( CE), was an Islamic jurist of the Shafi’i school most remembered for his works on religion, government, the caliphate, and public and constitutional law during a time of political turmoil. the Mu’tazila school of thought, the great (orthodox) Shafi’i jurist al-Subki (d. Al-Mawardi’s main political thought is embodied in his. Al-Ahham al-Sultaniyah. Only a small portion of the work is however devoted to political theory, the rest of . Mawardi, Abu al-Hasan al-. (d. ). Shafii jurist who wrote the most significant classical theoretical explanation of public law in relation to political theory.

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One of the earliest and most reliable authorities on that period, ibn Qutaibah, reports in his al-Imamah w-al-Siyasah that when symptoms of death approached Abu Bakr, he became very anxious as to who should succeed him to polktical Caliphal authority.

A state where there is no justice, such states ever fall. Minister delegation according to Al-Mawardi is a person in whom the imam has the fullest confidence; he is delegated maximum powers by the imam.

H the Prophet and the main duties of the Caliph are the safeguard of religion from all destructive propaganda and innovations and the proper organization of general polity. But he devised a via media to remove this glaring contradiction. An imam should have the qualities like foresightedness and deep sightedness. Khushal 20 July at The people could accept his opinion as well as reject it.


It is the responsibility of the judge to maintain neutrality between these two types of people. If there are a limited number of voters so, there will be more chance to elect the best one as imam. The Muslims without any tinge of resentment or cause of rivalry accepted Umer as the next Caliph not on the suggestion of Abu Bakr but in obedience to his order as Caliph. Yet they must obey him.


Mawardi, Abu al-Hasan al-

Sipahsalar commander in chief. Seventhly, he should have perfect heatinf and seeing capabilities. His opinions must be mature. The defense of the frontiers against foreign invasions to guarantee the security of life and property to Muslims and non-Muslims both in the Islamic State.

Al-Mawardi was acclaimed as one of the ablest men of his age. Mumem- obedient of Thoyght He ignores artificial factors like age, Property and residence etc but those who can distinguish between good and bad, between right and wrong and between the wise and poise.

The political thought of Abu Al-Hassan Al-Mawardi

Al-Mawardi was a well known judge of Baghdad. Imam must be a symbol of morality and justice.

Therefore, while considered, he suggests that there must be a test among the talented citizens to select effective judges, various factors like ability and merit etc must be considered. Friday, August 20, Anonymous 7 December at Al-Mawardi is of the view that the nomination of a person as heir apparent becomes effective only when he declares his consent to it. The Imam should curb the strong from riding over the weak and encourage the weak to take their due in face of the strong.

Jaffa would be succeeded by Abdullah and in case he also fails when the Muslims are allowed to choose anyone among themselves. This method is also suitable because an imam is nominated keeping in view the determined qualities. H and practice piety and do justice. If there is only a small stigma in the character of the candidate, it pollutes purity of human conscience. This designation was objected to by many leading jurists like Abu al-Tayyib, al-Tabari, and al-Simyari, who said that it did not become anyone except God.

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Moreover, he assembled his ideas in writing; therefore his book Al-Ahkam at-Sultaniyah became a standard work of reference on political and administrative practices. The Imam may not consult them in the affairs of the State, yet they must obey him. An emotional person is not in position to handle difficult situations. The institute of Imamate is necessary as a requirement of the Shariah and not as a requirement of reason.

Most unfortunately, under the cover of this pretext, the second civil war of Islam was fought by the Umayyads, the Hashimites, and Zubayrites. He is faqih and makes politiacl policy thoyght such a way they he considers all factors.

Al-Mawardi – Wikipedia

The Imam can nominate two or more heirs apparent to succeed him one after the other. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His most valuable contribution to political theory was that he based his account on mqwardi practice and facts and liked other Jurists and the scholars; he did not indulge in empty speculation.

Imam is ql provide guidance to the minister delegation. In an Islamic state, the ministers must be Muslims. Al-Mawardi says that if there is only one suitable candidate for the Imamate, he automatically becomes the Imam, and no election is required.

The most significant may be summarized as follows: