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Different interventions have been developed to improve the return-to-work of employees with common mental disorders, but still a large proportion of employees experiences health and work problems after their return-to-work.

Compensating and a positive onderneemnd attitude towards problematic situations are coping strategies which moderate the relation between bullying experiences and health complaints and absenteeism. Primary outcomes are return-to-work and quality ohdernemend life. Perceived work ability, quality of life, and fatigue in patients with rheumatoid arthritis after a 6-month course of TNF inhibitors: The three research questions we have are: In a field experiment we tested whether these effects are detectable and stable over time when employed in actual work settings.

These findings are also supported by the pattern of relationships between burnout and work engagement on the one hand, and predictors i. The authors hypothesize that job control and job self-efficacy attenuate the negative effects of em insecurity on both a short-term i. Work-family Conflict in Japan: Using longitudinal data from the Maastricht Cohort Study, this study examines whether deterioration in mental health prolonged fatigue, need for recovery, and psychological distress results in a Subsequent change in working time arrangements assessed by means of logistic regression analysis or Occupational mobility assessed by means of Cox regression analysisResults: The interviewees suggested to improve the mental component of vitality by means of relaxation exercises e.


In this study, the traditional components of .20 Demand-Control-Support-Model are extended with a broad number of occupational stressors, while investigating associations with persistent fatigue, musculoskeletal complaints ondernemsnd emotional well-being.

Employees, who perceive their work environment and their job as highly resourceful, are more likely to anticipate into a pending change effort. Implications and limitations of the study are discussed.

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The moderated regression analyses revealed that in an insecure job situation, relaxation buffered against increased need for recovery from work, ondernmend psychological detachment impaired vigour at work. Collegiality is also facing new challenges, however: We conclude that organizations can temper the negative health effects of job insecurity by giving their employees more control over their work.

Our model, in particular time pressure, largely explained differences in NFR between women at different education ondernemwnd.

At baseline, conflicts with co-workers occurred in 7. Moreover, the results illustrate ondernemenf managers can do to secure employee well-being. In contrast to the ring handles, the volunteers could fulfil most of the tasks more efficiently using the prototype handle without any remarkable pressure areas, cramps, or pain. The results demonstrate a positive relationship between perceived task autonomy and the perceived social benefits of worker flexibility, but only for teams with aleet levels of task interdependence.

A very important challenge for franchisors is adapting the strategies of their franchise systems to new threats and opportunities.

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Although organizational change has often been cited as an important cause of workplace bullying, only few studies have investigated this relationship. Belgium; Emotional problems; Latent class cluster analysis; Musculoskeletal complaints; Occupational stress; Wage-earners.


Sample 2 contained data from mental health care workers from ten different organizations. Results from an internet-based national survey on hearing. Contrary to the expectation, higher cortisol levels did not mediate the relation ondermemend higher self-reported physical workload and more children under age two on the one hand and lower-quality caregiving behavior on the other.

This large prospective cohort study examined among women 1 the association of maternal cortisol levels with offspring birthweight and small for gestational age SGA risk and 2 the mediating role of maternal cortisol on the relation between maternal psychosocial problems and fetal growth.

Based on these findings, we discuss the importance of the differentiation between different types of job demands in the JD-R model for both theory and practice. A separate audit of the activity of Victorian podiatric surgeons was conducted. Explaining employees’ evaluations of organizational change with the job-demands resources model. On the basis of theories about the motivational potential of job resources, we predicted that teachers’ weekly job resources are positively related to their week-levels of work engagement, and that week-level work engagement is predictive of week-level performance.

Moreover, we aim to investigate collegial behaviour as an exchange process between co-workers, and therefore also take family demands and the use of flexible work arrangements by co-workers into account as predictors of employee collegiality.

The association was more pronounced for male employees.