Retire el ATV del embalaje y compruebe que no presenta daños. .. Consulte el manual del programación (BBV) para una descripción completa del. Manual de programación Altivar® 06/ Contenido .. Altivar 31 (ATV31) es una familia de variadores de velocidad de ~ (c.a.) de frecuencia ajustable. Manual de programación. ATV Manual de programación Manual de programación · altivar-machine-atv ATV Manual de programación.

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C1 EMC from 0. For switching frequencies above 4 kHz and derating conditions, please refer to the derating curves for guidelines.

To measure programzcion DC bus voltage: Assistance with maintenance, detected fault display If a problem arises during setup or operation, ensure that the recommendations relating to the environment, mounting and connections have been observed.

Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury or death. The drive may be damaged if the line voltage is not compatible. Shielded cable for connecting braking resistor if used. Lock all power disconnects in the open position.

Programacion de Variadores de Velocidad Altivar ATV |

The following special messages may appear throughout this documentation or on the equipment to warn of potential hazards or to call attention to information that clarifies or maunal a procedure. Variateurs de vitesse pour pompes Designed to make industrial and commercial machines more efficient, while at the same time simplifying its integration into a single Variateurs de vitesse pour moteurs asynchrones.


Accidental grounding can result in unintended activation of drive functions. Before starting up the drive, please check the following points regarding mechanical and electrical installations, then use and run the drive.

The shielding must be clamped tightly to the metal plate to improve electrical contact. They also describe the protocol communication services.

Variadores Schneider

If the cable is connected to equipment that may have a different ground potential, then ground the shield at xe end only to prevent large currents from flowing in the shield. Link 1 on the drive is via the filter output cable. The degree of protection becomes IP20 Note: Do not place it close to heating elements.

Simplified manual This manual is an extract from programming and installation manual. Average service life of fans: We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Qltivar partners: Please see the associated documentation for the option cards for details.

EMC plate supplied with the drive, to be installed as indicated on the diagram. Free space u 50 mm 2 in. Where local and national codes require upstream protection by means of a residual current device, use a type A device for single-phase drives and a type B device for three-phase drives as defined in the IEC Standard The shield can then be grounded at both ends.


If the installation includes several drives, provide one “residual current device” per drive. Altivar – Schneider Electric. In the event of a non resettable detected fault: Equipment Grounding Ground the drive according to local and national code requirements. The detected fault will no longer be present if it’s cause has been corrected. Check that the frequency defined by the frequency bFr the factory setting is 50 Hz is in accordance with the frequency of the motor.

altibar Electrical equipment should be installed, operated, serviced, and maintained only by qualified personnel.

Use interference suppressors on all inductive circuits near the drive or coupled to the same circuit relays, contactors, solenoid valves, etc.