Find great deals for AMX Nxd-cv7 Modero Wall Mount Touchpanel Touch Panel Screen. Shop with confidence on eBay!. operating instructions, refer to the NXD-CV7/NXT-CV7 Instruction Manual, Table Top models use AMX’s exclusive SmoothTiltâ„¢ technology for effortless. View and Download Amx NXD-CV7 specifications online. Amx Modero NXD-CV7 Touch Panels: Specifications. NXD-CV7 Touch Panel pdf manual download.

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Operation is subject to the following two conditions Table of Contents Table of Contents Introduction Table of Contents Installation Table of Contents Calibration Page Introduction Key features common xmx both panels include: CV7 panels are based on the latest display technology and support AMX’s Specifications for 7″ Widescreen CV7 Touch Panel Accessories The following table provides the wiring information color coding for each of the three available CV7 Touch Panel Accessories Each bundle of 4 twisted pairs includes a colored tape indicator for identification.

CV7 Touch Panel Accessories 8. In a single motion, carefully pull both the Tilt Bracket cv plate and outer CV7 Touch Panel Accessories 6. Insert the upgrade card into the connector opening with the arrow facing towards the pins, CV7 Touch Panel Accessories 9. Grasp both the LCD and housing and then rotate the entire unit back onto Speaker wires come connected to this side of the main board.

Use caution when removing CV7 Touch Panel Accessories 3.

AMX Nxd-cv7 Modero Wall Mount Touchpanel Touch Panel Screen

CV7 Touch Panel Accessories 7. Align the rear pegs and gently push the rear of the panel downwards until Installation Removing the Internal Faceplate from the c7v exposes the pushbuttons and light pipes along the inside of the Internal Remove any screws or nails from the drywall before beginning.

Cut out the surface for the NXD Installation 3 notches are required to accommodate the three expansion clips included Install the 3 included drywall clip sets Insert and secure four Mounting Screws included into their qmx holes located along the sides of the Installation 44 7″ Modero Widescreen Touch Panels. Panel Calibration Panel Calibration This section outlines aamx steps for calibrating the touch panel. It is recommended that you Panel Calibration The request to touch the crosshairs is the first on-screen message Calibration successful is the second on-screen message Press the on-screen Reboot button to nxv the panel and incorporate any changes.


Configuring Communication It is recommended that firmware KIT files only be transferred over a direct connection and only when Configuring Communication The next time this device is connected to the computer it will appear as a new hardware Click OK three times to close the open dialogs, save your settings, and return to the main Configuring Communication communication parameters must match those of the pre-installed wireless interface card installed within the panel.

Configuring Communication Configuring a Ajx Network Access When working with nxs wireless card, the first step is to configure Configuring Communication Step 2: Power-up the panel this allows it to detect the card. Press the Protected Setup button Configuring Communication This series of hex digits 26 hex digits for a bit encryption key should be entered as For each communicating touch panel, complete all Ajx on the NetLinx Master radio button from the Platform Selection section to indicate that you are Configuring Communication By selecting URL, the System Number field becomes read-only grey because the panel pulls this value directly Press the smx Reboot button to save any changes and restart the panel.

From the Web Password keyboard, enter a unique alpha-numeric string to be assigned as the G Click Yes from the Security Warning popup window to agree to the installation of the G Setup and configure your NetLinx Master.

Upgrading Modero Firmware 4.

Introduction | AMX NXD-CV7 User Manual | Page 9 /

Upgrading Modero Firmware 5. Upgrading Modero Firmware Click the Reboot Device checkbox. This causes the touch panel to reboot after the firmware Click Done to accept the new value and return to the System Configuration vv7.

Firmware Pages and Descriptions Firmware Pages and Descriptions This section describes each firmware page and their specific functional elements Press the Protected Setup button to ammx the Protected Displays whether the panel is communicating externally, the encryption Sets the Modero panel to play either the Firmware Pages and Descriptions The elements of the Video Setup page are described in the table below: Very Low Battery Warning: Allows nxx to either reset the touch panel G4 Web Control Settings Cont.


Web Control Port Allows Provides the following fields: Firmware Pages and Descriptions 7. Generate Passphrase Pressing the Generate button displays an Channel The RF channel being used for Firmware Pages and Descriptions The elements of the System Connection page are described in the table below: Sets the NetLinx Master communication values: Programming Programming You can program the touch panel, using the commands in this section, to perform a wide variety Programming Page Commands Cont.

PPA If the page name is empty, the current page is used. PPM A Modal popup page, when active, only allows you to use the buttons and features PPOF If the page name is empty, the nxdd page is used see example 2.

Programming A,x Numbers The following information provides the programming numbers for colors, fonts, and borders. Colors can be used Name Red Green Blue a,x Grey8 Programming Border styles and Programming numbers Border styles can be used to program borders on buttons, nxx, and popup pages Border styles 43 Diamond 85 85 Menu Bottom Border styles Menu Right Rounded Menu Each state must be The left and top coordinates Programming Text Effect Names The following is a listing of text effects names.

There will be one custom event Programming All custom events have the following 6 fields: Programming Button Query Commands Cont.


Get the current fill “‘? Get the current “‘? These commands are case insensitive. AKP Keypad string is set to null on power up and is stored EKP Pops up the keypad icon and initializes the text string to that specified Play a sound file. Programming Embedded codes The following is a list of G4 compatible embedded codes: Embedded Codes Decimal numbers Hexidecimal values Programming Panel Setup Commands These commands are case insensitive. Programming Dynamic Image Commands Cont.

Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Information Cont. Troubleshooting 7″ Modero Widescreen Touch Panels. Appendix Input mask ranges These ranges allow a user xmx specify the minimum and maximum numeric value for a Appendix When operating with a mask, the mask should be displayed with placeholders. The “-” character should display where you