Anolis auratus is a species of reptiles with observations. Anolis auratus Daudin, Type-locality. Tropical America, restricted by Schmidt () to Suriname. Pertinent taxonomic references. Daudin ( b) . Norops auratus is a small, slender lizard with a brown base color and light yellow stripes along the body. It occurs almost exclusively in grasslands, and is found.

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Lizards of the genus Anolis Reptilia: New distributional records of amphibians and reptiles for the state of Falcon, Venezuela. These characteristics also varied among males and females from different regions, suggesting heterogeneous use of structural microhabitat, between sexes and among populations.

Rapid survey of anolix herpetofauna in an area of forest management in eastern Acre, Brazil. Integrative overview of the herpetofauna from Serra da Mocidade, a granitic mountain range in Northern Brazil. Pars prima, saurorum anklis. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 4: Check List 14 1: Mocquard,Etudes sur les reptiles, p.

Anolis auratus

Phylogenetic analysis and a test of the current infrageneric classification of Norops beta Anolis. Check List 7 3: Scientia Guaianae, Caracas, No.


Selected as the senior synonym over Draconura Wagler, by Savage and Guyer Catalogue of the lizards in the British Museum Natural History. Herpetological Review 33 1: Notes on the Herpetology of Panama: Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science 54 3: Reptilien und Amphibien Mittelamerikas, Bd 1: However, we provide a general framework to explore hypotheses about evolution of body size and shape in this species.

The taxonomic and phylogenetic status of some poorly known Anolis species from the Andes of Colombia with the description of a nomen nudum taxon. Squamata from the Brazilian Amazonia. Norops auratus Species Group fide Nicholson et al.

There are only 2 specimens assigned to this species in VertNet Mar It is time for a new classification of anoles Squamata: Verhandlungen dem Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Basel 40 2: Andean and intermontane fuscoauratoid anoles of Colombia with a new species, A.

Squamata from the Brazilian Amazonia. Morphological variation in anoles related to Anolis kemptoni in Panama. Catalogue of distribution of lizards Reptilia: Reptiles of an urban Atlantic Rainforest fragment in the state of Pernambuco, northeastern Brazil.

Herpetologia Mexicana, seu descriptio amphibiorum novae hispaniaequae itineribus comitis de Sack, Ferdinandi Deppe et Chr. A checklist of the Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica: Annotated checklist of the amphibians and reptiles of Cuzco Amazonico, Peru.


Geographic Variation in the Mainland Grass Anole Anolis auratus | Anole Annals

Estado de la fauna de anfibios y reptiles del Casanare Ciencias naturales Estado del conocimiento de la fauna de anfibios y reptiles del departamento de Casanare, Colombia. New records for amphibians and reptiles from Departamentos Pasco and Ucayali, Peru.

On Venezuelan reptiles and amphibians collected by Dr. Squamata reptiles of a fragment of tropical dry forest in northwestern Venezuela Lake Maracaibo region.

Anolis auratus Daudin, 1802

New distribution records of reptiles from Western Venezuela. Systema Reptilium, fasciculus primus, Amblyglossae. Support for this genus is from 57 apomorphies including nine morphological and 48 molecular ones.

As an alternative, phylogenetic divergence among populations could also account for the observed differences. There are four unequivocal morphological apomorphies: Reptiles of Central America.