Antic Hay, novel by Aldous Huxley, published in A satire of post-World War I London intellectuals, the work follows Theodore Gumbril, Jr., the protagonist. London life just after World War I, devoid of values and moving headlong into chaos at breakneck speed – Aldous Huxley’s Antic Hay, like Hemingway’s The Sun. ANTIC HAY t. CHAPTER I. Gumdril, Theodore Gumbril Junior, , sat in his oaken stall on the north side of the School Chapel and wondered, as he.

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The ordinary man can’t leave them. And there flickers, there gibbers and twitches — what? Not too hard to figure out why. There were a lot of interesting passages in this book and plenty of funny wordplay.

His novels are very readable, often intellectually scintillating, contain superb satire, and eventually come to a point where the wry, sardonic tone is abandoned for serious empathy with the plight of at least one character. The themes are pretty timeless: Antic Hay is one of Aldous Huxley’s earlier aaldous, and like them is primarily a novel of ideas involving conversations that disclose viewpoints rather than establish characters; its polemical theme unfolds against the backdrop of London’s post-war nihilistic Bohemia.

Everybody is lost but at the same time looking for happiness while everything is going out of control in a ridiculous and comic way.

There’s a hixley here that casts a shadow on the comedy. Noroc ca continuat sa scrie alte carti. After his boozy lunch with Mrs Viveash, he sends Emily a telegram in which he claims to have had an accident.

Learn More in these hudley Britannica articles: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Views Read Edit View history. William Shakespeare, English poet, dramatist, and actor, often called the English national poet and considered….

She repeated them softly now.

Since they are the cynosure for most of the male characters, I have saved for last two ladies of quite different disposition. As one of the characters observes, “The real charm about debauchery is its total pointlessness, futility, and above all its incredible tediousness. The growth of a poet — John Keats — Antic Hay seems as odd a book as the realities of each character Huxley creates in it. Casimir Lypiatt, a loud-mouthed, self-confident, bad artist, is not only the object of satire but also the agent, delivering some cutting lines about the vapidity of the age that even The Sunday Express could scarce forebear to cheer.


The longer Gumbril remains in London, the more he succumbs to the ambient corruption. She was attracted to strong, masterful men and was thus indifferent to the sensitive and cerebral Huxley, though she evidently found him an entertaining companion and encouraged him to the extent that he doggedly followed her on her nocturnal jaunts to parties and night-clubs, despite his aversion to crowds.

Heavyhanded and confused, it never gels to anything even remotely memorable.

That was why you sought the last refuge of feeble minds with classical educations, you became a schoolmaster. It is, by the way, m Huxley is in that category of writers I don’t really find very satisfactory for the most part, but who hudley some quality I enjoy.

I understand that this is supposed to huxlfy a “book of ideas”, but i didn’t really find the ideas to be that interesting It is, by the way, mentioned in Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited as one of the “hot” popular novels in the s with young intellectual types. Cinemas, newspapers, magazines, gramophones, football matches, wireless, telephones — take them or leave them, if you want to amuse yourself.

Or merely below themlike earwigs? I imagine it would be more enjoyable if I knew French and Latin characters often natic on those languages for nuance sake.

Help us improve this article! Quite a quriky novel. The albino she-rabbits lollopped out and shook their ears and pointed their tremulous noses toward the door. With it he is able to overcome his shyness and approach women in public places with a bold directness. In a different mode than other novels of his that I’ve read, Huxley paints a witty, humorous portrait of the times, laced with plenty of sharp insights on human nature.


Almost all strive to be fashionable, poetic, witty, or artistic. Some also strive to be somebody elsemaybe Poms Behaving Badly The post-World War I blahs manifest themselves in a group of young Londoners in You’ve got your artist, your poet, your critic, your pseudo -scientist, your futurist, your lowlife, your romantic, a vamp, and a flapper or hau, and the anti hero Gumbril, who is spectacularly devoid of personality.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Was xntic any chance of their being the same? I enjoyed Antic Haybut found its second half better than its first.

Antic Hay – Wikipedia

Apr 02, Elizabeth rated it really liked it. It is a quick, easy read, and whilst I really enjoyed a few scenes, overall it was too incoherent, only sporadically entertaining, and sometimes downright annoying. Dec 02, Maxine rated it it was ok. Gumbril Jr is a teacher but hates it, just as Huxley did when he had been a adous at Eton.

I fell for Emily hard, even if no one else did.

North of Oxford

Certainly, Huxley was a bright and intelligent young thing, and his friends certainly would aldohs have been intelligent and intellectual and arty. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed.

Huxley displayed a flare for wit, irony, bombast, bon mot, and psychological probing of character.

However, when somebody tries to capture the essence of ha situations they inevitably fall flat – what is charming, witty, intense and clever when you’re twenty-three, drunk and an Oxbridge graduate, can sound rather fey, precious and irritating when you’re sober and went to a red-brick university or none at all! Throughout the novel Gumbril has been struggling hucley the two sides of his self: It really gave the sense of the post WW1 period, when nothing seemed to have much meaning.