Recommended Practice for Drill. Stem Design and Operating Limits. API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE 7G. SIXTEENTH EDITION, AUGUST EFFECTIVE. API RP 7G (R). Recommended Practice for Drill Stem Design and Operation Limits, Sixteenth Edition, Includes Addendum 1 and 2 (). API RP 7G-2 (R). Recommended Practice for Inspection and Classification of Used Drill Stem Elements, First Edition (Identical Adoption of.

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The wear rate will be the least when c. There are a number of mechanisms which can cause severe downhole vibration.

API RP 7G.pdf

Use the lowest strength drill xpi capable rp7y withstanding Thehighertheamountofatomichydrogenand H2S the required drilling conditions. This fact makes the detection of the primary mechanism more dZEcult For Text continuedc m page Drill Pipe Grade Grade svmbol E Maximum allowable hook loads for New, Premium and Class 2 tubing work strings also classified in 24 are listed in Table When practicalto doso without upsetting other desired fluid properties, maintain a pH of Agents that cause corrosion in water dissolved gases, dissolved salts, and acids donotdamagetheoil-wetmetal.

Dedendwn, b, and R A.

Tool Joint with 10 Wgal mud in a 4. Tool Joint 1O ppg mud, degree Grade E75, with 4V2 in. Dents and mashes crushing, necking 2. This mechanism sets up the primary torsional vibrations in the string. Make-up only atpounds axial force OII shoulder.


Api Rp7g And Ds-1 Inspection & Api 5a5 And 5c1 Inspection Service Provider from Kolkata

The connection nomenclature is d e h e din A. Longitudinal or irregular orientation of cracking occur may as a result of friction heat checking see 8. Shoprepair of cracked drill collars is typically possible if the unaffected area of the drill pai permits.

For more information, contact: Figure76 predicts that half of the S pipe will fail under a 50, psi bending stress after ,revolutions. The calculations involvingbending strength ratios are basedon standard dimensions forall connections. The torquerequired to yield arotary shouldered connection may be rp7h from the equation in Section A.

After exposure to this level of fatigue, inspection an exponential relationshipthat connects the average tensile strength of the tested specimens representing one revolution and removal of damaged joints can extend the remaining to failure with the median fatigue endurance limits represent-string lifeto or beyond the expected median life levels. This mechanism often occurs when drilling with r7g cone bits inhard formations. Tables 3,5,7, and 9 contain calculated values of the differential internalpressure required to yield the drill pipe.

For minimum collapse failure in the plastic range with minimum yield stress limitations: The pipe ends may or may not be upset.

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The mainsources of excitation are providedbythe interaction of the bit with the formation and the drillstring with the wellbore. This practice w l l iensure that optimum Figure 84, dimension A, indicatesthelengthcovered gripping ofthe tongsis achieved and that damage to tong diesunder the drill pipe classification system recommended in is minimized.


This action rp7y heatedandquenched of time if the maximum angular vessel motion is morethan 5 often accompanied by numerous irregular heat check cracks degrees single amplitude. The plot in figures enough,maycausefatiguedamage.

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Corrosion,cuts, and gouges 1. Sizes other than those shown maybe availablein limited cutting structure types. A valve immediately above the kelly that can be closed to confinepressures inside the drill string.

The wear pattern is not fully developed b. Values in the table may be used to provide the basic information required to calculate the weights of drill collar strings that are not made up of collars having uniform and standard weights.

No safety factors are included in this example calculation Nok: