By Vaclav Havel. Havel’s The Memorandum, by the Korzo Theatre, performed in the Drama Club Theatre, . Slum Clearance (Asanace) was Havel’s most re-. Asanace: Hra o pěti jednáních (Czech Edition) [Václav Havel] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Plechanov observes that architecture mirrors society, and Havel was using the asanace as a metaphor for totalitarianism and the rationalistscientific thinking.

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Václav Havel Asanace

A Political Tragedy in Six Acts. Smith and Kraus, It does not include his early collaborative projects. A more complete publication history of each play, including samizdat editions, can be found in the notes to Spisy 2: Each of the plays listed here can also be found in this volume, along with commentary, introductions, and variants.

The years given asanave brackets after each entry indicate the years of composition. A Citizen and a Playwright Prague: Divadlo [Theater] 14, no. Divadlo [Theater] 16, no. Divadlo [Theater] 19, no. From the Time of Prohibition]. A Collection of Plays from ]. Translated by Paul Wilson. Cornell University Press, The University of British Columbia Press, Dopisy Olze [Letters to Olga]. The Anatomy of a Reticence: The Charta 77 Foundation, The Art of the Impossible: Politics as Morality in Practice.

Translated by Paul Wilson et al.

Online at Havel’s official site. Selected and Edited by Paul Wilson. Faber and Faber, Havel’s Dramatic Literature as Political-Theory.

Václav Havel – Wikipedia

Full text through ProQuest subscription required. Goetz-Stankiewicz, Marketa and Phyllis Carey, editors. Includes an introduction, 23 essays on Havel by various authors, photographs, glossary of names and terms, and brief English-language bibliography. Essays consider Havel as a playwright, political thinker, and president, and also give accounts of personal encounters with Havel.


Between the Theater of the Absurd and Engaged Theater. Reflector and Conscience of a Nation. University of Iowa Press, Czech Playwrights without a Stage. University of Toronto Press, Chapter 2 focuses on Czech absurd drama. Includes a chapter placing the absurd trend in Czech drama in an international context.

Other chapters give the specifically Czech social and political context for post-war drama, especially the drama of the late s. Citizen Intellectuals and Philosopher Kings. Central European University, A political-theoretical study of communist-era dissidence in Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland. Charter 77 and Human Rights in Czechoslovakia.

Nine detailed chapters on the history of the Charter as a document and as a movement, based on information available in Several important documents are reproduced. Gordon and Paul Wilson, editors. Civic Freedom in Central Europe: An anthology of essays by prominent Charter 77 signatories, collected by the editors in Provides a survey of the various perspectives and concerns connected with the movement.

Three Episodes of Czech Nonpolitical Politics. Politics in a Postmodern Age. Civic Responsibility in the Postmodern Age. Includes a brief biographical overview as well as chapters dealing with Havel as philosopher, dissident, playwright and political actor.

University of Pittsburgh Press, The Velvet Revolution and Beyond. Personal accounts of the revolutions, by a veteran observer of Eastern Europe.

The Velvet Revolution is discussed in the broader context of the revolutions, as well as the context of international political thought.

Václav Havel

Full text through Business Source Premier subscription required. The text of a conference paper given at the University of Lancaster in by one of the theatrical participants of the Revolution. Places the symbolism of the Velvet Revolution in the context of Czech theater.


The Origins of Post-Communist Elites: From Prague Spring to the Dissolution of Saanace. University of Minnesota Press, An interpretation of the Velvet Divorce as a strategy of emergent political elites.

Seeks to explain the dissolution of Czechoslovakia as a result of the rise of multi-party politics. Kraus, Michael and Allison Stanger, editors and translators. An anthology of essays examining the breakup of Czechoslovakia from various perspectives. The End of Czechoslovakia. Central European University Press, Seeks to explain how the language of the federal constitution made the Velvet Divorce possible.

The University of Michigan Press, A study of the breakup of Czechoslovakia, from the constitutional negotiations in to the Velvet Divorce of It aims to identify the key issues facing civilization and to explore ways in which to prevent escalation of conflicts that have religion, culture or ethnicity as their primary components. An appreciation site dedicated to Havel, with news, articles, and links. Gives background and year-by-year biographical notes.

Includes timeline, bibliographies, and full text of selected essays.

Links to newspaper opinion pieces written by Havel. Page also contains links to related Radio Prague articles. Website for the Untitled Theater Co. Home Glossary Bibliographies About. Online at Havel’s official site —. CLIO link multiple authors. Top Velvet Divorce Eyal, Gil.