ASD Spec M is an elaborate international military standard which integrates all material management requirements. Chapter 1 of the military version, ASD. Scope of this presentation. • Make the audience familiar with the ASD Specification for. Materiel Management (SM) especially with the. SD is an international specification for the procurement and production of technical For SD data in English, the text should adhere to ASD-STE

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Where weapon systems support provided by NSPA involves SM, customers can draw on this experience through consultancy services and training.

In addition, it provides an overview of all documents referenced in SM. In addition, the SM Administrator maintains a registry of: The nature of the project using SM will determine the range of deliverables that are required and hence the depth to which the SM procedures need to be employed. Consultancy services are available to help users to simplify operations and reduce costs by rationalizing SM implementation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. NSPA is a member of all working groups and provides administrative support to the Steering Committee.

The process of selecting support items and spares, necessary for the support of all categories of military Products. Retrieved 30 January The SM is designed to cover all Material Management activities in support of military Products and non-military Products.

Chapter Provisioning General, contains general remarks, instructions and business rules concerning provisioning as per SM. The Data Dictionary is a catalogue of all data elements used in SM. Defined the material management processes and procedures to be used in support of aircraft and other aerospace airborne and ground equipment supplied to military customers.

Shufrans TechDocs can help customers to work according to the standard by providing training, consultancy and system integration services as well as the appropriate software tools. It is recommended not to pad the MOI code with arbitrary characters just to receive a character code. Chapter Observations, defines the exchange of information between customer and contractor, or vice versa, during the provisioning process. The specification has since been modified for use with land, sea, and commercial equipment.


Retrieved from ” https: SD is the global standard for technical publications in the aerospace and defence industries. Specification M SM originally defined the Materiel Management processes and procedures to be used in support of aircraft and other aerospace airborne and ground equipment supplied to Military Customers.

Chapter 3 Material Supply Material Supply describes the process, the procedures and techniques for on-line operation of pricing, ordering, shipment and invoicing.

Please note that with the publication of SM Issue 6. As a service to the SM user community, NSPA provides administrative support for the maintenance of 200m0 specification. Please include the details of a contact point name, title, organisation, postal address, telephone, facsimile, e-mail. All portals automate to the maximum extent possible the logistics processes agreed upon with the NSPA partners for the spare parts provisioning cycle, repair and overhaul and Depot Level Maintenance from price information to electronic invoicing and payment.

ASD S2000M

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The SM describes the business relationship between contractor and customer by providing the process flow, the relevant transactions and data elements used. For new code allocations, please contact Please enable JavaScript! The sub-chapter Invoicing provides processes, procedures and techniques for generating and forwarding invoices as well as for the invoice acceptance or invoice rejection.

See technical writing Integration. The glossary of terms and definitions is a catalogue of all the terms utilised in SM Chapters 1 to 5. Chapter Material supply, data exchange, contains the structure and details of all transactions related to pricing, ordering, shipment and invoicing as well as the data elements belonging to each transaction.

NSPA uses SM in its activities with some of its customers and has developed extensive expertise in providing technical support and consultancy services in this area. This chapter defines the process and specifies the data, formats and transmission procedures to be used in providing provisioning information to the Customer. SD requires a document to be broken down into individual data items called Data Modules which can be marked with individual XML labels and metadata, and be part of a hierarchical XML structure.

Chapter 4 Communication Techniques The purpose of this chapter is to describe the standards which are used to support the exchange of data under the SM procedures.

  LEI 11441 PDF

Throughout the years the SM has been revised, reviewed and updated several times. The Material Supply chapter Chapter 3 consists of the following two elements: Its purpose is to identify the terms and explain their definitions to ensure a common understanding of SM.

List of document markup languages. Chapter Initial Provisioning List IPL covers the presentation of a baseline for a product, the presentation of its data as well as the update of that presentation. Although this Specification is designed for military Product support, it may nevertheless be used for the support of any non-military Product. As well as the opportunity for users to employ individual chapters independently, the SM also provides a “light” version of the procedures which are described in the appropriate sections of chapter 6.

The Spare Parts List allows the Customer and Contractor to process parts data including commercial data elements to allow for the processes as described in Chapters 2 to 4 and Sectionsand of this Specification without the necessity to use processes as described in Chapters 1A and 1B of this Specification. It is an XML specification for preparing, managing, and using equipment maintenance and operations information.

Downloads – ASD/AIA SM

This page was last edited on 3 Augustat Two types of training courses are available: There is an interface specification with SL Issue 1. SD can be downloaded for free at its official project website. A reduction of the different types of transactions and their content. This chapter defines the process and specifies the data, formats and transmission procedures to be used in providing provisioning information to the customer.

The SM Administrator is the focal point for the SM Steering Committee SM SC — the group of military and industry users responsible for maintaining SM — 0200m the administrator provides secretarial support for their meetings, chairs editorial meetings and handles enquiries about the specification.