Flexural Strength of Concrete (Using Simple Beam With Center-Point Loading). Standard Test Method for Flexural Strength of Concrete (Using Simple Beam With Center-Point Loading). Flexural strength is determined in three-point bending. For concrete test- Destructive test by Nur_Aiza_Shuha_

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Concrete, Asphalt and Rock. Glossary of Materials Testing Terms.

Universal, open structure flexural frame, kN cap. Email addresses asym only contain letters, numbers and the following special characters: Contact Us View Accessories Catalog.

These tests are significantly Furthermore, the possibility of adjusting the vertical clearance up to mm, using the appropriate accessory, permits Concrete – Flexural testing frames: Center pivot supports f293 flexural testing of brittle material specimens up to mm 8.

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Instron Center Pivot Supports – Instron

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ASTM C293/C293M – 16

A simple and practical frame developed for testing on standard concrete beams. It allows real time Onsite Training At Your Facility. These tests are significantly affected by the actual frame stiffness therefore the relevant international Flexural frame for std satm, kN cap.

Universal flexural frames kN cap. The mm vertical daylight can easily obtained removing the lower platen of the compression tester.

Four supports are supplied for either 3 point or 4 point sometimes referred to as third point flexural testing. Subscribe to Instron News! Bluehill LE for Basic Testing.

Home Products Search results Results for: Maximum Capacity of upper loading nose fixture applicable for 4 point third point flexure testing:. Upper and lower supports are mounted to a t-slot base for adjustment of upper and lower spans.


Maintenance Spares Technical trainings Warranty Academy. Each test requires a list of accessories depending on the type of test and on the reference standard.

Concrete – Accessories for Compression Testers: Please confirm that you agree with our privacy and cookies policy to submit this form. Maximum Capacity of lower support fixture applicable to 3 point flexure testing where upper ast, is zero:.

UNIFLEX flexural frame has been designed to satisfy the stringent requirements prescribed by the standards concerning, above all, the determination of deformability and ductility index asmt sprayed concrete and fiber reinforced concrete. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience.