Awramba is a community found in South Gonder Zone of Amhara State, Ethiopia, 68 km from Bahir Dar. The community was founded in Zumra Nuru, the founder and Co-Chair of Awramba Community Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, May 4, () In Nortwest Ethopia lives a community of around people, founded by a once labeled crazy man called Zumra Nuru. Nuru never had any.

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Despite living in a culture which practice early marriage, the people of Awra Amba have decided girls should marry only after reaching the age of 18, and boys at or above At that time, this group was ostracized by the society and its followers considered radicals. Awranba just wish to have more land and some modern machines.

His mother snatched the meat from him and threw it away. We have approached the government to give us more land so that we can be more productive.

Awramba: A collective community – Witness

The community has its own distinct founding philosophy and cultural values, beliefs and principles. Fourth, Dommunity saw people hurting, killing, and stealing from one another. The people that I love very much do not even understand me.

Never miss a story from Witnesswhen you sign up for Medium. I grew up in Esti Woreda in Gonder. In addition, using three grinding mills provided the Regional Micro and Small Scale Enterprise Development Agency, they offer milling service to neighbouring farmers.

Populated places in the Amhara Region Intentional communities. At the age of 20,he decided to travel to places to preach his ideology.

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Unlike most of the communties in Ethiopia, the Awramba community is not ethnic based. Formulated by Zumra, the community has four pillars of rules for its society. Get updates Get updates. Do you believe that it is practical and realistic that you can persuade our society to follow such rules?


They believe in hard work and being good to people. When I asked my parents such questions, my parents thought I was mentally ill person.

Ethiopia: A Community With Extraordinary Principles

But I realized later that this was not an isolated event that only happened in our house, rather it was happening in all families. As they cannot live on farm activities, they have diversified into the weaving business, using both traditional and modern weaving machines. I just wanted to take out what was bothering me for a long time. The article can be reprinted in full or in part elsewhere but only by giving full credit to Ezega. The community members are few in number. Many social anthropologists go there to conduct study focusing on the peculiar Awramba community way of life.

They give high priority to the rights of people with physical disabilities as well as elderly. I wanted peace and love among all human beings. I have been in trouble often and my community has also been in trouble often. Then I will be very happy.

These are Gender equity; the right of children; the principle of helping the less fortunate, ill and old; and the principle of discouraging dishonesty, lying, murder and stealing. He observed the unfairness on gender inequality, maltreatment of the elderly, labor exploitation, cruel punishment of children, and dishonest dealings among people.

Read the original article on Ethiopian Herald. When he turned 13 he was thrown out of his family house.

The union members work according to their abilities, sharing different tasks like weaving, farming, attending the elderly, guarding, etc.

That is exactly what makes me sick. This Ethiopian cojmunity was established when, one visionary man, was granted by the communist government of the time free land to realize his childhood goal. Every task is done on rotation. Articles and commentaries that identify allAfrica.


To better awrqmba this, let communihy use agriculture due to its convenience to the community. Sign in Get started.

Retrieved 14 Sep In the case where, for example, there is a widow in the community, everyone takes turn to fill the gap created by the deceased parent by filling the domestic gaps.

I thank you indeed. The community was founded in and live within a place circumscribed by chain of mountains and hills. Would you mention some of them and their duties and responsibilities? He cannot read or write. Students starts their classes by vowing never to commit sins like lying, cheating, swearing Generally, in addition to my pervious four points, I wanted to reach literate people everywhere so that my thoughts awdamba the larger population.

Zumra Nuru: His Awramba Community and His Quest for Utopia

Are they contributing something back to their community? The community is open for lucid discussion when there are attitudinal differences among members. Trust, harmony, mutual respect, peaceful co-existence, development, social justice are the conducts expected to be displayed by every member of the community in their day to day activity.

Accordingly, women have equal rights to participate and engage in as per the rule and principle practiced there, he said adding that without demarcating and labeling tasks as male and female, both men and women should share work in the public as well as in the private spheres on a strict basis of ability and efficiency.