The bitter struggle that rolled back and forth across the North African desert was the first major Allied victory of the Second World War. ODAL!Music: ODAL!Video: channel/rfyxEnAH7Uy. North Africa campaigns, (–43), in World War II, series of battles for but significant events that bound the Axis Powers and culminated in a world war.

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Once on the plateau, however, military vehicles had good cross-country mobility across limestone ground covered by a thin layer of sand.

If the Italians remained neutral, British access to the vital sea lanes would remain almost assured. The Germans won the initial race for Tunis because they had shorter supply lines, and their aircraft, operating from closer bases, had greater time over the foces area.

Auchinleck ordered the continuation of the offensive, and Cunningham was replaced by Gen. Thus, over the course of 10 weeks Allied forces had destroyed the Italian Tenth Army and reached El Agheila, takingprisoners of war in the process.

North Africa campaigns

On 30 March Wavell signalled, ‘I do not believe he can make any big effort for another month. Under continuous pressure from the Eighth Army on one side and the U. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. On September 13,Graziani reluctantly moved into Egypt, almost a month after he had been ordered to do so by Mussolini. During the time when Malta was under heavy air attack, the ability to act on this information was limited, but axsi Allied air and naval strength improved, the information became instrumental to Allied success.


Thus, the Axiis African campaign and the naval campaign for the Mediterranean were extensions of each other in a very real sense. Seven weeks forcss before the British launched their offensive. British tank strength, which had numbered some just weeks earlier, was now barely one-tenth of that.

North Africa campaigns | Battles, Combatants, & Significance |

Operation Torch in November was a compromise operation that met the British objective of securing victory in North Africa while allowing American armed forces the opportunity to engage in the fight against Nazi Germany on a limited scale. Though isolated by land, Tobruk’s garrison continued to receive supplies and replacements, delivered by the Royal Navy at night.

On the night of May 26—27,he passed around the southern flank of the British position with three German divisions, followed by an Italian armoured division and an Italian motorized infantry division.

The primary benefit of Ultra intercepts to the effort in North Africa was to aid in cutting the Axis supply line to Tunisia. Principal material losses [10] [11] 8, aircraft destroyed; 6, guns, 2, tanks and 70, trucks destroyed or captured.

It would consist of two under-strength divisions, the 5th Light and the 15th Panzer, but the transportation of the first unit could not be completed until mid-April, and the second would not be in place until the end of May. For the Eighth Army, the sight of the enemy retreating, albeit only for a short distance, far outweighed the disappointment of failing to cut them off.

World War II: North Africa Campaign | HistoryNet

This time he would not make the same mistake of leaving the thorn in his side. II Corps passed to Patton.

Rommel tried to advance north toward Thala through Kasserine Pass on February 19, but the support he expected to receive from Arnim did not materialize. Allied codebreakers read much enciphered German message traffic, especially that encrypted with the Enigma machine. In October the interruption of Axis supplies became still greater, and less than half of what was sent arrived in Africa.


The Battle of El Alamein began on October 23 with a massive artillery barrage fired by British guns. They were outflanked, outmanned and outgunned. He lost no time in regaining the initiative. Consequently, the landings met no practical opposition in Algiers, and the city was captured on forves first day along with the entire Vichy African command.

By March 26, his forces broke through the Tebaga Gap. In preparation, the British laid extensive minefields and heavily fortified Alam el Halfa Ridge, which was located behind El Alamein to the southeast.

By afriac point in the war, he had become frustrated and dispirited, the cumulative effect of the long seesaw campaign.

North African Campaign

On the night of November 17,a small commando force, led by year-old Lt. He attempted to relieve the Axis forces at Halfaya and at the same time cut off the Eighth Army. Seventh Army into Sicily, employing his…. On the 30th, Afriac consolidated his armor in a defensive position that came to be known as the Cauldron.

On June 21 Rommel captured the fortress of Tobruk, its 33,man garrison, and an immense amount of stores.