Aug 8, Rec: Balancing Karma Title: Balancing Karma Author: I.D. Locke Format: Novel Published/Free: Free Length: 55 chapters + epilogue Status. Yay, finished at last, hard reading this all on-line.. Sweet tale of interplanetary m/ m romance. Could have done without the dolls and cartoons, I would rather. I.D. Locke’s author page. Karma has it in for Moswen. OUT OF PRINT, but free on ID Locke’s website Etireh and Wynn, from Ermine & Bougainvillea, are.

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I’m leaving a rating of 3 stars because even though I stopped reading it, I did enjoy some of the story.

I’ll have to wait until it’s finished since it’s currently on-going but until then I’m looking forward to reading more from I. So I’m still on a mission to find a top-class genuine MPreg I like that there’s actual character evolution, too.

Moswen has special abilities the likes I’ve never heard of. It is a sneaky story that just draws you in and next thing you know it’s two in the morning and you still have 15 chapters to go; Totally enjoyed it!

View all 4 comments. The relationship is Reading, in progress: Click the join button on the group’s home page. Something other than I planned, but I’m writing! Moswen seems very silly character, but in a good way.


I.D. Locke (Author of Balancing Karma)

Did I mention I love these two guys? I did not personally like the first kamra point of view with two protagonists in the story.

View all 7 comments. I actually rather disliked it when it went balamcing other POVs – as in, other than The “cover image” is really damn weird and a large part of why it took me so long to get to this one. My biggest complaint is Chapter 52 – blancing contained a hard limit for me that was completely unnecessary to the story. View all 10 comments. The only things I had a problem with was how much sex there was and I wished there had been more explanation of Moswen and his ability to walk ‘dreams’.

Do you have them on sale somewhere? Promenade a Deux 3. To ask other readers questions about Balancing Karmaplease sign up. Three distinct species were introduced and the differences were apparent a 4. Locke revisits them again. The writing is light and easy to understand.

Balancing Karma

I read it on LiveJournal and the author refers often to the sequel, Enchanted Shadows which haven’t been lokce to find. It was great, period. I absolutely adored the characters in this story and love the mpreg aspect. So far it isn’t explained much, maybe there is something what justifies it. And there were so, so many editing mistakes throughout.

And I like weird.


Rec: Balancing Karma

This was a very fun read. ZA 3 books by I. While fleeing his sister’s wrath for an accident that was almost not his fault, Moswen stumbles upon the chance to crash what promises to be a fun party. He worshiped Kijika to a point some might think is unhealthy but I oocke to find it endearing. This episode was confusing and out of touch with reality in a bad sense.

MoswenKijika Par-Delseur. Like only the ones who want to actually answer to the call. May 08, Ayanna rated it liked it Shelves: Like leave the dead to rest and not make them into soulless, brainless bodies for your bidding. For one, I absolutely loved it and if I had written my review right after I finished the book, I would have praised and gushed about the book for so long people would have seen how long the review was and most likely wouldn’t even attempt reading it.

Did I mention he has wings? Now it is all too easy. With the skill to raise the dead and kick some major ass, he was also blessed with the ability to birth a child Not something the two of them planned.