CANDIDAL BALANITIS. DEFINITION. Balanitis refers to inflammation of the glans . The most common cause of balanitis is Candida albicans. In common usage, “balanitis” and “balanoposthitis” are interchangeable, although balanoposthitis occurs only in uncircumcised males. For the. Zoon balanitis (ZB) is one of the benign nonvenereal dermatoses, which presents as a solitary, persistent erythematous plaque usually on the glans penis.

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First, CO 2 laser was used by Baldwin et al.

Table 1 Clinical criteria for diagnosing Zoon balanitis[ candidiasic ]. Plasma cell balanitis and vulvitis of Zoon. Shiny, erythematous patches on the glans, prepuce, or both. Dermoscopy of Zoon’s plasma cell balanitis.

Zoon balanitis: A comprehensive review

All the genital lesions are not sexually transmitted. Recurrent bouts of balanitis may cause scarring of the preputial orifice ; the reduced elasticity may lead to pathologic phimosis.

Furthermore, fixed drug eruption, allergic contact dermatitis, genital herpes, pemphigus vulgaris, flexural psoriasis, and Reiter’s disease should be differentiated from ZB. YAG laser can be finely adapted to this clinical scenario. Plasma cell balanitis of zoon treated with topical tacrolimus 0. Follow-up The exact follow-up regime for ZB after treatment is still unclear. Reflectance confocal microscopy [ 25 ]. Hyman AB, Leider M.


Balnopostitis series and review of the literature. Zoon’s balanitis treated with Erbium: Presentation of 15 patients, five treated with a carbon dioxide laser. YAG laser produces relatively pure ablation with minimal thermal damage. Reflectance confocal microscopy RCM is balanoposgitis in vivo imaging method used to obtain morphologic information about both the architecture and single cells in the epidermis and superficial dermis by Vivascope Fusidic acid cream in the treatment of plasma cell balanitis.

Zoon’s balanitis successfully treated with photodynamic therapy: Oral dapsone has also been used in resistant lesions of ZB. Clinical and histopathological features — Response to circumcision.

Zoon balanitis: A comprehensive review

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Hence, following diagnostic methods are helpful to make a definite diagnosis of ZB:. Some authors have also suggested that aseptic technique applied during circumcision, followed by regular cleaning during healing, cahdidiasica lead to improvement of the condition.

Zoon balanitis ZB is one of the nonvenereal conditions, which usually affects middle-aged to older men who are uncircumcised. Hague J, Ilchyshyn A. Clinical criteria for diagnosing Zoon balanitis[ 18 ]. Please review our privacy policy. This is followed by epidermal atrophy, at times erosions and spongiosis. Balanitis on boys still in diapers must be distinguished from redness caused by ammoniacal dermatitis. Starritt E, Lee S.


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YAG laser to produce complete resolution in ZB. Patients should be instructed to retract the foreskin regularly and perform gentle cleansing of entire glans, preputial sac, and foreskin.

Journal of Wildlife Diseases.