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Firstly, the prices are driven by Chinese art investment funds in order to get extra profit. A region may be more attractive than others and attract investment and human resources.

Promising as it is, the smart specialisation seems to also have its weaknesses. Regional innovation strategy implementation — system model covering the results of the analysis of the Polish experiences Next, basic assumptions of the 3T concept by Richard Florida were characterized. Due to the complexity of the activities related to their execution it performs them mostly through the managing unit, i. From the point of view of the needs of sustainable development, it is im- portant to create such a transportation system which will allow to achieve not only economic goals but also social and ecological ones.

Higher regional competition level is the key determinant of regional development. Its first part illustrates theoretical aspects of creativity and regional development. It is assumed that each and every unit may be creative, our development and wellbeing do not depend on obtaining knowledge reserved for selected groups only, but on releasing creativity resources ingrained in every human being.

It is legally justified, it has due powers and resources and is also obliged to do so, both formally2 and — under the new paradigm of regional development — expected by the regional community and supra-regional authorities state government and international organizations authorities, e. The concept of invention and innovation may be placed, similarly to the category of regional development, in a broad spectrum of transformations occurring in the spheres of economy, space and regional community.

It refers to both the ability to participate in this cycle by playing the role of an innovation creator — inventor, and as an entity capable of innovation absorption — absorbent. The effectiveness of business processes achieved through transport development is relatively easier to identify in freight transport.


Conclusions An analysis of the above mentioned concepts allows to formulate the following conclusion that there exist greater similarities between regional competitiveness and resilience than between them and sustainability.

See full item description. The environmental effects or the quality of air, water, noise, use of natural resources, etc. Analysis and Planning Strat- egy, Springer, Heidelberg It should be remembered, however, that the effects of the development of transport may be different in different regions.

First of all, it is noted that infrastructure investments can have a direct, as well as a complementary, impact on economic production. Creativity for regional development One of the more interesting approaches indicating the significance of creativity with reference to the socio-economic development of territorial units is represented by the 3T concept Technology, Talent, Tolerance by Richard Florida.

Material relations represent the second type of internal links. Directions for the modification of these strategies should mainly cover new opportunities for stimulating regional in- novation in conditions of the global economy and European integration. Savings of time and costs, and the improvement of the accessibility and reliability of products allows increasing productivity in manufacturing and logistics, which in turn leads to improved profitability.

Presented synthetically and targeted at the core concept of the matter, the definition of RIS [Markowskip. As posited by Foray et al. In the case of resilience, some scien- tists believe that competitiveness in the most common approach may influence resilience negatively, whereas others maintain that these two ideas are strictly con- nected.

This can be a factor encouraging settlement and preventing migration and exodus from the region.

The condition facilitating ongoing regional development is defined as the long- term integrity and co-dependence of all its subsystems, i. Sustainable development has been defined and re- defined many times [e. Makroekonomiaa example, transport, the factor of economic development, has an impact on the quality of the landscape, which is the effect of an environmental nature, and also has an impact on the economic development the tourist attractions of the region.

New concepts of territorially-oriented development and the analysis of the effectiveness of existing regional innovation strategies, have prompted the European Commission to propose a new approach to regional bebg policy — the so-called smart specialization strategy.


Regional growth should be identified with socio-economic development occurring in a region and referred to as the increase of regional economic potential makroekonomis itself by the improved living standards of its inhabitants and a higher level of competitiveness. Typology of European regions vs. The local economy is composed of the peripherally situated small and medium size enterprises, communal entities of a self-government economy, local self-government units, local communities, as well as communal and district social organizations active for the benefit of local development.


The important factors in the development of the region should also include transport, which allows the achievement of the economic, social and environmental objectives. A high level of regional identity facilitates establishing creative attitudes, unleashes human potential and besides the identity itself is invaluable for regional growth.

Buyers may be subject to skryypt charges for customs clearance. Taking into account the fact that 40 years ago it was illegal to own a work of art in China, demand exceeds supply in this regional market. This derives from the fact that China has a lack of investment options. Resilience, competitiveness and sustainable development The classification of EU and Eastern Partnership countries regarding economic development level — a dynamic approach Rola i miejsce uniwersytetu w procesach innowacyjnych, SGH, Warszawa A very interesting example is the work of Rosik and Szuster [Rosik, Szuster ], which is an attempt to examine this issue.


The Global Creativity Index represents an exemplary tool for such measurement, which refers to monitoring changes in the area of the creative economy in several dozen countries worldwide. The support provided within the framework of inter-regional cooperation is of bgeg horizontal nature — and refers to all EU regions.

Begg, FischerDornbusch, Ismail Haidar david begg makroekonomia it really liked it Sep makroekonomia begg, If you are an undergrad, go for it. Creativity also transfers human capital, currently perceived as the key development factor, into another level skyrpt functioning, at which it is transformed into creative capital.

The European Union specifies in the Europe development strategy ambitious goals and assumptions indicating opportunities for smart, sustainable and facilitating social cohesion growth.

The only analysis of the correlations between the data on, for example, expenditure for the development of transport and effects such as GDP growth, could not give an answer to this question.